Monday, 3 February 2014

Buy Exclusive Pakistani Dresses Online with Fashion Consciousness!

Is it just me or if I’m correct to say that long shirts could be seen again in fashion. Being a person who’s sensitive for Pakistani fashion clothing, lengthy shirts for women shalwar kameez have always given more charm to a girl’s outlook. Without further ado, native designers introduced some ravishing work collection of their latest dress designs.

But, the next thing you know is your expectation going down the drain after a visit of their outlets. No offense to successful ones, but judging by the poor stitching and those ‘’chatta-patti’’ designs it certainly figures they’re just producing with no sense at all into making an outfit.

On the other hand, latest Pakistani dresses have impeccable designs and new trends to offer that might stick around for a long time. For starters culottes are being more preferred than shalwar or trousers. A fabulous look gets a hold of you if a long shirt is chosen as a top with culottes. Culottes are ‘’ Q lot ‘’ as the desi says; no wonder I couldn’t find it on the web. Despite their ravishing, sort of predominant look, these bottoms are thriving since years in the western trend. Although you could try for crop tops or shirts on top with culottes, but be sure to heavily itemize on accessories. ;And I mean bracelets, wristwatch, heels, sling bags, wayfarers all of them, to ascertain that your look is sloppy & not slouchy!

With the same culottes if worn with a long top just like a long shirt, then you get to adorn the eastern look on you, which in my opinion makes the foresight of the other to see the beautiful of you.

While you cut through your long shirt remember to keep the length in mind at first. It is absolute critical to consider the length of your shirt that will compliment you. Most of us aren’t 6 feet long legged models constituting to have the luxury of wearing oversized tops. But since the charm is in the fitting, cutting and pattern on the front, you might end up saving some cloth to meet a perfect measurement of your fit. The stretch could be adjusted to ankle length or above.

Secondly, designer kurtis are the next best thing worth paying attention. On the other hand, Pakistani designer dresses are worth taking inspiration from; with their perpetual introduction of alluring prints and imported skin-loving cloth into the market, Pakistani fashion industry had its lucky fortune of seeing fresh seasonal collections by designers throughout the year. Sania Mastakiya, Nida Azwer, Umer Sayeed, Fashion CafĂ©, Sana Safinaz and several more have tremendous pieces of talent to exhibit. Not only that, but women actually loved what they had to sell.

Funny though how digitally isolated life has made us today. Yet, it is more convenient for me to manage my shopping without compromising my work or job. Ready to wear Pakistani dresses are affordable, and conveniently in reach; and I disagree to those who oppose. Women who are fashion conscious deem to be pulled towards doing online shopping in Pakistan to suffice their needs with services like discounts, online bank transfers, cash on delivery, and 7 day returns offer all in one package at

Visit the website today only to find out irresistible prĂȘt clothing and exclusive Pakistani dresses at budgeted prices!

Content & Images are Contributed by Shaheen Chishti.


  1. I agree lengthy shirts give more charm to looks....I really hate short shirts....Nice post....xoxoxo...:)

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  2. These Are So Elegant , I'd Wear Them... Thank You For Sharing!1

  3. Those are really pretty. I love the colors and prints.

    Michelle F.

  4. These are beautiful! I absolutely love the first one!


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