About Zubia

The Bedside Dreams Diary is written, edited and managed by me, Zubia, a declared shopaholic and a proud day dreamer hailing from the land of brave people, Pakistan! All my life (not that I'm too old now) I had been writing diaries (very irregularly though), documenting all my wishes, dreams and desires so for me this blog is basically an online space for venting out all my emotions and feelings about living and dreaming in Pakistan with special reference to beauty & makeup of course! ^_^

My life revolves around my a little unhealthy obsession of makeup and beauty products so on this place you will be reading a lot of product and store reviews & rants and what not! I also am an occasional master chef (ahem) so you may find traces of my cooking & baking ventures here as well.

For any query, doubt or question you can always mail me at: xubia.rizvi@gmail.com, whether you want to know the best lipstick shade for your NC30 skin tone or want to confirm the authenticity of that hottest new Facebook store, remember I'm just a mail away! Happy to be in service for your ladies!

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