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Editorial Policy!

The Bedside Dreams Diary is a personal blog that is created, written and managed by me, Zubia Rizvi! This is a beauty and lifestyle blog that focuses on everything beauty related but you will find traces of  my love for cooking and baking here too. The purpose of starting this blog was basically to have my own little space on internet, meet people with same interests and spread love and positiveness therefore The Bedside Dreams Diary will never ever indulge in severe criticism or bullying others, however through this blog I intend to help others in any possible way.

Everything that will be published on this blog will be about my own experiences, I believe in honesty and will always remain loyal to my readers. Please understand that if a product works well for me, it may or may not work the same for you depending on your environment, skin type and several other factors. Therefore The Bedside Dreams Diary doesn't take any responsibility if a product doesn't work the same way for you.

The written content of The Bedside Dreams Diary and all the photos included in the posts are taken by my own camera and are my property, therefore please refrain using them without my permission for whatsoever purpose. Any image taken from web will always be mentioned clearly.

For any further queries, feel free to email me at

Disclosure Policy!

All product samples sent by the companies for review purposes will be clearly mentioned at the end of the post. 

Rating System!

The Bedside Dreams Diary rate products out of 5, below is a clear description of rating system:

  • 5/5 - Excellent Product, fulfills all its claims. Worth every penny!
  • 4.5/5 - Amazing product, fulfills most of its claims.
  • 4/5 - Great Product, performs amazing.
  • 3.5/5 - Product is good value for money.
  • 3/5 - Satisfactory Performance.
  • 2.5/5 - Equal Hits & Misses.
  • Below 2.5 - Products doesn't do a thing it claims.

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