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FREEMAN Dead Sea Minerals Facial Anti-Stress Mask - Review

I’m obsessed with Freeman Facial masks, they’re budget-friendly, pleasantly effective and readily available in Pakistan. Today under spot-light is Freeman’s Anti-Stress Dead Sea Minerals Mask that claims to purify and clear pores to reveal a beautiful skin.

Freeman’s Anti-Stress Dead Sea Minerals Mask

FREEMAN Dead Sea Minerals Facial Anti-Stress Mask

Made with natural, botanical ingredients, Freeman Feeling Beautiful™ is a full range of skin and body care products to help you look and feel your best.

This calming mask instantly absorbs excess oil while clarifying and purging clogged pores. Dead Sea Minerals contain natural supplements that are essential for maintaining healthy skin. Sea Salts help replenish and balance moisture. Lavender and Bergamot promote relaxing aromatherapy. Rinse away the mask to reveal smooth, radiant, healthy looking skin. Ideal for all skin types.

Freeman’s Anti-Stress Dead Sea Minerals Mask

Freeman’s Anti-Stress Dead Sea Minerals Mask

Freeman’s Anti-Stress Dead Sea Minerals Mask


I’ve been using Freeman’s Anti-Stress Dead Sea Minerals Mask for quite some time now. I really enjoy how fresh my skin feels after every use. I use it once a week only. It definitely unclogs and purifies my pores – the difference is very clear and visible after every use. It doesn’t break me out and balances the moisture of my skin very well. My skin feels smooth and clean after using it, neither dry nor oily. However, my cousin who has a dry to normal skin bought the same mask for her and it enhanced the dryness of her skin so I’m guessing it wouldn’t suit you if you have that skin type. For combination to oily skinned girls, this would work effectively.

According to the product description, Freeman’s Anti-Stress Dead Sea Minerals Mask contains lavender and bergamot to promote relaxing aromatherapy – the mask definitely has a faint nice fragrance but I’m really not a fan of it. In my experience, the only thing that relaxes me from this mask is seeing my skin radiant and neat after washing it off.

Would I recommend Freeman’s Anti-Stress Dead Sea Minerals Mask to others? Yes. I have already repurchased it once. If you have combination to oily skin, definitely pick one. Currently, I’m going through a major facial-masks-hoarding phase and successfully collected a lot but still whenever I finish this tube, I’ll get a new one for me.

Amazing Points:

  • Budget friendly.
  • Readily available in almost all parts of the world including Pakistan.
  • Purifies and clears pores brilliantly.
  • Skin feels smooth and radiant after using it.

Not So Amazing Points:

  • Contrary to its claims, it’s not suitable for people with dry skin.

 Overall, I’ll rate Freeman’s Anti-Stress Dead Sea Minerals Mask a 4/5.

Freeman’s Anti-Stress Dead Sea Minerals Mask is available in all leading cosmetics stores of Pakistan. I picked up this one from Al-Fatah for some 350 rupees. Online, it can be ordered from or Beauty Arena. Internationally, you can get Freeman’s products from Ulta or Drugstore.

Do you have a particular favourite facial mask? What are your thoughts about Freeman skin care products? Don’t forget to leave your suggestions.

Much Love,
Zubia Rizvi


  1. this mask is my fav ... well i totally agree to the part tht its not suitable for dry skin ... great review xoxo

  2. One of my favorite mask to use in summers and it makes me look like a smurf =D haha !
    Nice review =)
    Much love xx

    1. Haha LOL @ smurf! I love it in summers & winters equally, thanks to my oily skin. x

  3. Not suitable for those with dry skin....definitely not for me. Thanks for an honest review :)

  4. It looks so good for the price :) It would suit me as i have oily skin.need to get it now.thanks for the honest review love :)

    1. Yes, it's great for oily skin. Get it Anna! :) xx

  5. I love Freeman masks. They are lovely.

  6. I love this mask though I agree it's not for dry skin. I avoid using it in winters but find it useful after exposure to pollution! xx

    Jadirah Sarmad | Jasmine Catches Butterflies ʚϊɞ

  7. Sea minerals are great for ladies with oily skin. This also seems like a good product to try out.

  8. I wish this mask was suitable to dry skin.. I really need some anti-stress. The color of the mask is just gorgeous!

  9. I will definitely be buying this for myself. Great review :)


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