Thursday, 1 January 2015

Beauty Resolutions 2015!

Hola lovelies,

Let’s kick start the new year with a few easy-to-achieve-but-real-effective beauty goals.

The first thing I used to do on New Year’s Eve for so many last years was making a wishlist for the things I want to get for myself the following year. This year was different. I didn’t feel like making a list of things that I needed to buy for myself. I felt, I was gradually turning into a hoarder and I hate being one. I like to buy only what I’ll use till end. As they say; the best things you want in your life aren’t just things and can’t be bought! That’s my mantra this year. I’m gonna focus on making new friends, live life fully, discover happiness within myself and minus all the negativity from my life. With that being said, the colours and joy of life lies in beauty and its balance. Here are a few beauty resolutions I made for myself this year. Let’s see how many I fulfill.

Drink Water! I cannot stress enough how important water is for our health. Suffering from puffy eyes, dark circles, dry skin and dull face? Include at least 7 glasses of water in your diet and see the miracle. I already consume enough water and intend to keep it up this year as well.

Watch What Goes in Your Tummy! Okay, so last year had been a toughie for me. I had to live in a hostel, away from the warmth of family and comfort of house. When stress hits you, you take refuge in all those carbs and sugar loaded goodness, so did I. This year, I’m gonna make it a point to eat clean no matter what. I hate the word diet and seriously cannot bear the thought of depriving myself from all the delicious pizzas and breads that are there waiting for me to eat them but I’m gonna manage my portion and we will see how it goes!

Move Your Lazy Self! There is nothing more I love in this world than lying in my bed wearing an oversized shirt, reading my favourite book with a big fat glass of lemonade or hot chocolate! BUT we’re going to change it in 2015 baby! I’m going to inculcate exercise in my daily routine. Trust me, it does wonders. Whenever I start workout, not only I feel fresh and rejuvenated but I can see the betterment and glow my skin reflects. I’m going to do some cardio, zumba, even dance workout. Let me know if you guys would be interested to read more details about it on the blog.

Buy Less Use More! I don’t even remember correctly how many eyeshadow palettes I have sitting in my drawer collecting dust! *sigh* The kind of makeup junkie I am, I always end up buying more than I could ever use in my entire life. But this, my friend, is going to be changed now. There is no point of buying 10 neutral eyeshadow palettes when you can do well with three. I’m going to make a rule, no new foundation, unless you use at least 50% of the ones I already have. No new eyeshadows palettes, unless I use all the ones I currently own. This is a hard one to follow, but let’s try.

A Clean Canvas is the Base of A Great Painting! We can’t wear makeup 24/7 a day, I know I can, but then people will call me crazy and a pastry! >_<  So in order to look good and feel good 24/7, you need to work on things that will last a long time. I’m taking about skin care here. I’m very lazy when it comes to weekly deep cleansing and facials. From now on, my dears, I’m going to scrub my face twice a week and deep cleanse my skin every week. I’m never sleeping again without putting on a moisturizer. Never dears, never!

Flaunt that Luscious Locks of yours but Before that, Take Care of ‘Em! As my granny would put it, the beauty of an Asian woman lies in her long, thick and silky locks. Not that I’m reaffirming any racial and gender stereotypes, I’d love to flaunt some long and healthy hair. I’m naturally blessed with straight and silky hair that, thanks to the weather and water of Islamabad, are now brittle, dry and damage. I had been taking care of them since last few months and continue to do so. Oiling, protein treatments, and all that stuff! Watch out this space for a detailed review of hair care products.

Sunscreen is for Your Skin not Your Purse, you idiot! I don’t know what kind of a stupid person spends her hard earned bucks on a damn sunscreen and then not use it reagularly! *coughs* I’m going to take out that sunscreen now, and use it every time I go out, not only on my face but also on my hands and feet. Nobody likes to appear on a party with a pretty face and tanned hand and feet looking like a walking advertisement of gypsy amazing cream! >_< So yeah, I’m going to make it a habit to protect my hand and feet from the harmful sun rays.

So to put it simply, I’m going to spend less on makeup, more on skin care products this year. Instead of hiding acne scars with a heavy foundation, I’ll make a point of not having acne or breakouts at the first place. We’ll see how it goes. Did you make any new year beauty resolutions this year? I’d love to hear what are you guys planning for 2015.

Much Love,
Zubia Rizvi


  1. Loved your resolutions :) And some of your resolutions seems same to mine :) and that buy less use more was one of my main resolution of 2015 :)

  2. hahaha! my resolutions should be the same aswell :D

  3. I definitely want to control my junk food intake! So far not too good! :P I wish you all the best in accomplishing all your goals! :) Happy New Year! <3

    Jadirah Sarmad | Jasmine Catches Butterflies ʚϊɞ

  4. Great objectives... I need to work on what goes in my tummy part too and reduce my junk food intake and yes drinking plenty of water is equally important too. Good luck with ur objectives. Wish u a very happy and prosperous 2015 :)

  5. I need to water intake. Hope you can keep up with your resolution :)

  6. Happy new year! Great resolutions n I wish you get to work on all :) ameen

  7. I have a lot of resolutions laid out for me too. I just hope I work on them :p


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