Saturday, 11 January 2014

Foodpanda Pakistan: Click, Order & Be Merry!

Today's post is specially dedicated all my fellow foodies! Have somebody already told you that Foodpanda is now working officially in Pakistan? Keep reading for details!

Besides makeup & shopping, cooking makes me absolutely happy - as a matter of fact, a bit overjoyed. The joy when you cut a slice of your perfectly moist and soft vanilla cake, the moment your chicken pie crust comes out of the oven with the perfect flakiness, the second you successfully transfer a crispy banoffee pie base to the plate without breaking it are the moments of pure bliss! I'll be making perfect sense to you right now only if you share the same passion of cooking! But there comes moments of absolute laziness now and then in life, when all you want is to tuck in your quilt with your teddy, in no mood of moving no matter what and crave for some exquisite flavourful food without any effort! That's the moment when Foodpanda enters your life!

Globalization has it's own perks! Foodpanda is basically an international online food service that now finally has made its way to Pakistan, currently serving in four major cities (Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Lahore & Karachi). My first encounter with Foodpanda Pakistan wasn't long ago, remember the long weekend we just had with Aashura holidays where as usual mobile network services were seized? Foodpanda Pakistan was taking orders back then through their online website and Facebook page. I was in no mood of making something up for me to eat that day and going out of house was totally out of question so I logged into Foodpand's website and placed my first ever order there.

foodpanda Pakistan

The whole online food ordering system was really simple. I hate filling long online forms just to register one account to place orders be it for food, makeup or anything. The story is different here, you just have to enter your City and Location in the required fields and a long list of restaurants of your vicinity appears on your computer screen. I ordered one pizza for me which came with free shipping but I noticed some restaurants did charge nominal bucks as delivery fee. Few restaurants also have minimum order limit so make sure to read all details before placing your order.

My pizza reached me in 45 minutes, just enough hot, the way I like it. I was really impressed with the time accuracy of the order arrival since that was a public holiday and any delay could easily be justified. 

Foodpanda Pakistan occasionally have offers like 3 for 2 or 5 for 4 going on the website, so you may save some bucks while getting indulged into the steaminess of your yummilicious food from your favourite chain. And oh did I mention that Foodpanda has a long list of restaurant to choose your food from Chinese to Continental to Pizzas and Pastries, it has got all our guilty pleasures covered! The best deal, you get a home delivery service for the restaurants who don't provide it otherwise! Cool, isn't it?

Me and my family are already a Foodpanda convert, would love to see it expanding its horizons to the other parts of Pakistan too. Have you ever tried ordering anything from here? How was your experience, I would love you to share it with me! Also, what do you think about the whole phenomenon of ordering food online, isn't it making lives so much easier?

You can visit the website of Foodpanda Pakistan here or join their Facebook fan page for to catch up all latest happenings!

Much Love,
Zubia Rizvi
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P.S. I love Pandas! I find them SO adorably & cuddly, would love to adopt one baby panda some day ;) :D

Disclaimer: The images used in this post are taken from official website and other source, thus not a property of The Bedside Dreams Diary.


  1. i like all the pandas and stuff.... :D

  2. I definitely enjoy ordering online on occasion when I don't feel like cooking or have the time for it. It definitely is so easy to do!

    Michelle F.

  3. yes,facility of home delivery is addling some more happy to us,can i know some more facilities that you are providing ?

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