Saturday, 3 January 2015

How to hit a high fashion note when the temperature is low!

Flowy capes, tweed, plaid, menswear-inspired or vintage denim—there is so much you can play around with when it comes to outer-wear in the winters. rounded up this winter’s outerwear essentials. Here are the nine absolute must-have winter womens jackets this season:

  1. Having observed the winter trends at FPW, luxe flowy capes seemed to be dominant on the runways.  Kimono jackets on top of cashmere sweaters also look incredibly chic this season.
  2. Crop jackets are an inevitable hit this winter- they are bohemian and super trendy; just what you need to hit a high fashion note.
  3. Vintage-wash denim jackets never run out of style. To pull off the sexy cool girl persona, wear your washed out denim jacket over a plain white tee or, in general, everything.
  4. Jacquard coats are enviably stylish. Wear your sumptuous, streamlined jacquard jackets and liven up your outfit.
  5. Without a shadow of doubt, lace is the fastest way of adding elegance and a feminine vibe to your look. A lace jacket dresses up your entire look instantly, regardless of what you pair it up with.
  6. A boyfriend denim jacket is just as awesome as a boyfriend sweater. The boxy streamlined silhouette will give your outfit a sporty edge.
  7. Capes look effortlessly posh. If you want to pull off a sophisticated look this winter, then a cape is most definitely the outerwear piece you need to update your winter wardrobe with.
  8. Sleeveless faux fur jackets have been the bang-on trend this season. We may think that winters in our part of the world really aren’t cold enough to wear fur, but you have to make an exception for these super cute fur jackets.  
  9. Hey hey hey, don’t even think about saying no to leather. Leather has made a grand appearance on the fashion scene this season. It’s bold, it’s sexy and it’s just what you need in your winter arsenal.

Disclaimer: This is a guest post. Conetent and images are contributed by Shaheen Chishti.


  1. You are so right about the vintage-washed Denim jacket... Three Js are the best Jeans, Jacket and Joggers

  2. Lovely post - I love the leather jackets

  3. I love wearing really bulky sweaters in the winter (:

  4. I love wearing jumpers and boots in the winter, love leather jackets.


  5. Nice post.. I love that smart mini jacket. I prefer wearing woolen coats or long sweaters over anything in freezing Isloo weather.

  6. Big fat chunky knits are a must for me x

  7. leather jackets all year if I only could be warm enough in them! in winter I renounce to fashion and go for warm and cozy jackets.
    Alice|Alice's Beauty Madness

  8. definitely a leather jacket! can never go wrong with one :)

  9. Love me some leather! I think nice leather pants with a sweater is a good way to go! xxx

  10. I love to wear leather jackets, looks good with a lot of outfits :)

  11. Can't go wrong with a leather jacket! I'll be honest though I tend to spend the whole winter in a huge coat and junky scarf lol x

  12. I love my leather jacket and they're so good layered with knitwear and scarves to keep warm :) fab post!!

    Jess xo


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