Monday, 17 August 2015

Clean & Clear Essential Moisturizer – Review!

If you’re a girl like me, who is blessed with oily skin, you would know the struggle of finding the perfect day time moisturizer for you. You know the one that is just light enough to be worn under your makeup and not turn your skin to a grease ball but still good enough to take care of some dry patches you may have here and there. Lucky for me, I found Clean & Clear Essential Moisturizer! You wouldn’t believe how perfect it is for oily skin until you try it for yourself.

Clean & Clear Essential Moisturizer – Review!

Clean & Clear Essential Moisturizer – Review!

Clean & Clear Essential Moisturizer – Review!

Talking about the appearances – the winner comes in a little plastic bottle, perfect to toss into the tinniest of the hand bag. I own the 50mL bottle that lasted me perfectly for about two months. I only needed a tiny pea-sized amount of it to cover my entire face.

Clean & Clear Essential Moisturizing lotion promises it “won’t clog pores” and “moisturizes without greasiness for oily, blackhead-prone and pimple-prone skin” and in my experience it successfully does all of the above in a very reasonable price of PKR 100. Be careful though, this isn’t the moisturizer for you if you need some intense moisturizing potion. In my case, I use my St. Ives moisturizer at night, and apply this in the morning under my sunscreen, works like a charm for me.

Do I recommend this? Hell, yeah!
Availability: All leading cosmetics stores of Pakistan
Price: PKR 100 for 50 mL

Let me know if you have tried Clean & Clear Essential Moisturizer. If not, what do you use instead? Would love hearing back from you guys.

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Take care. 
Much Love,
Zubia Rizvi

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  1. Few time back i was wondering why no-one talked about this moisturizer ... being dry/combination it still worked excellently for me ... Loved your review


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