Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Personalized Gift Ideas For Valentine's Day OR Any Other Occasion!

Hey you guys,

How’re you all doing? Valentine’s day is here already and for me it means a day of expressing your love and gratitude to all important people in your life and a cool excuse to eat a lot of chocolates haha!! Whether you celebrate valentine’s day or not – you definitely don’t want to miss reading this list I’ve compiled for you guys of all the cool online/Facebook based stores of Pakistan dealing in personalized cards goodies and keepsake stuff. So, grab your mug of chai and get ready to explore some of the prettiest gift ideas ever! <3

I recently came across Mignon – A Sprinkle of Love & care and was pleasantly surprised with their valentine’s day deals. They’re offering personalized box of chocolates, filled with cute kisses (messages), mugs and lots of other cute stuff. The thing I liked the best on their store was these cute li’l *Caps of Happiness*. These are basically your cold-drink bottle’s caps, that can be personalized with cute little love notes and even with pictures of your own. You can use ‘em as fridge magnets or keychains. I really like the idea. So adorable!


9Lines is a fun and quirky lifestyle label! I fell in love with their notebooks back in 2013 and still haven't found anything comparable to those. Over the time, they have added a LOT more to their store than just notebooks, they deal in laptop bags, jackets and other fashion accessories but in my opinion, the one thing they do best is still their notebooks! They have some special valentine’s day themed coffee mugs and notebooks on their website, which I think are amazing enough to melt any heart. Don’t forget to check them out.

This is a tiny home-based business that I particularly like for its midnight cute Facebook updates. Their cute chubby notepads and tiny notebooks are the stuff to check. I ordered two tiny notebooks almost an year ago and still love them to bits. <3

Okay, I have just discovered this page recently and right now in middle of an order. They do all sort of personalized wooden, glass and pen engravings. Their work is very professional and they have a long impressive background of providing these services. I would highly recommend checking them out. Below is a wooden engraving image I took from their page, you can get your own words done, it's totally customizeable. 

This store is my favourite you guys! I mean, they’re extremely professional, complete and dispatch your order exactly in the given time period and the product you receive just wows you! I had ordered one wooden plague for my dad on father’s day from here first. Later on, got one HUGE photo collage poster done for my parent’s wedding anniversary from them – the photos I sent them were old & scanned  hence not a very good option for printed posters but they brilliantly managed them and the end product I received was just awesome! Two thumbs up for them!

FizY’s Art has been around for quite some time now and I have seen nothing but awesomeness and happy customers on their Facebook page. If you’re into hand-crafted cards and keepsakes, this is the place to check. Sadly, they’re closed for preorders but have a handful of valentine’s-day-appropriate stuff in stock, find it here and shop away! ;)

Cartolina is another fabulous handmade card shop, they deal online via Facebook. The unique thing of their cards is the cutsey “curls & curves”. So adorable!

Can you guys imagine Valentine’s day without chocolates? I know, I can’t!! Pink Bling is offering these scrummy  hand-made Ferrero Rocher’s Bouquets, that will just go perfectly with anyother gift you have already planned.

So this is it guys. Have you shopped from any of the above mentioned pages? How did your experience go with them? Also, share your thoughts with me about the whole idea of hand-crafted cards and personalized gifts. I like them better than any other thing, simply because they show the amount of love, care and thought other person had put in choosing/making it for you. What do you guys think?

Much Love,
Zubia Rizvi

Disclaimer: All the pictures have been taken from the pages mentioned in this post and belong to their respective owners.


  1. Love it! Personalized gifts are so much fun and they really make every occasion special :) Thanks for sharing!

    xo, Dolce // http://www.mydailysweet.com/
    Leave me a comment; I'm always looking for new blogs to follow!

  2. i like that these can be for any occasion - not just for Valentines Day :D

  3. So many great choices here! I love the french toast coffee cup!

  4. Great ideas. Its about time we try something different.

  5. These idea are so amazing! I just ordered a scrapbook from cartolina waiting for it :D

  6. amazing ideas dear thanks for sharing :)

  7. Great list Zubia. My favorite among these is Mugs n Shirts. Love their service and they are so affordable.

  8. Aww all of these gifts are so cute.Merey husband ko to khyal ni ana tum log hi soch lo yar **winks**

  9. Loveeee those cute bottle cap messages .. Awesome post dear

  10. Lovee your picks :) and that bookeh from pink blink looks so good :) Need it now :D and that lips notebook from 9 lines looks so cute :)

  11. this is such a colorful & happy post :)

  12. All of these are adorable! I think I might give someone the Ferrero bouquet! :D x

    Jadirah Sarmad | Jasmine Catches Butterflies ʚϊɞ

  13. I love creating things for people I adore ^_^ And these are great ideas :)

  14. Thanks for sharing. Will definitely check out Life Twinkles :)

  15. Wow, Absolutely love all of it :D Looks very pretty.



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