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ESPEE Glitter Eyeliners – Review & Swatches

If you like glittery eyeliners AND a good bargain; you’re going to absolutely LOVE Espee coloured liquid glitter eyeliners.

ESPEE Glitter Eyeliner

ESPEE Glitter Eyeliners

ESPEE is a beauty brand that allows women to express themselves and have fun with colors! We offer high-quality products with innovative formulas and glamorous packaging all under an affordable price-tag.

When it comes to the guaranteed professional, high-quality standard, ESPEE is your go-to brand.  ESPEE makes a full range of nail colors and glitter eye-liners. 
ESPEE follows a strict policy against animal testing and our products are free of animal ingredients.

ESPEE Glitter Eyeliner

ESPEE Glitter Eyeliner


ESPEE, according to my research, is a local Pakistani cosmetics brand that so far makes only glitter liquid eyeliners and nail paints. Lately, I have been feeling a little more daring with my eye-looks and have been inculcating different coloured eyeliners in my daily makeup routine. I love how just one single swipe of a coloured eyeliner transfers your neutral/simple eye makeup to a full on glam look. Another factor is the specs I’m forced to wear. If you’re nearsighted, your eyes will appear smaller with your glasses on – same is the case with me, and to combat this problem, I’ve started wearing coloured bright eyeliners in my waterline and replaced my matte black eyeliner with these glittery ones. More on that later, I’m planning a post dedicated specially to tips and tricks for eye-makeup with glasses.

So these Espee eyeliners come in five shades; silver, gold, green, blue and black. Among all five, I’ve picked three, silver, green and blue. Silver and green are true to its name but the blue transfers more as a gray-ish blue on me. All three liners have decent colour pay off and stays put until you touch/smudge them with your fingers. They’re not waterproof and wears off easily when in contact with water.  If you want an intense statement type of eyeliner look, I’d strongly suggest to use a powder eyeshadow of the same colour as an eyeliner first and then apply any of these. The powder eyeshadow will serve as a base for your glitter eyeliner and will improve its intensity and wear-time.

Espee Glitter Eyeliner
ESPEE glitter eyeliner swatches (L-R); Silver, Green, Blue

A significant let down, however, of these Espee glitter eyeliners will be the scent. The smell like glue or gum. As a matter of fact, their texture is very similar to that liquid glue we used to have in our art-boxes back in school. It doesn’t bother me but if you can’t stand that kind of smell, I’d say stay away. Also, they don’t have any ingredient list or whatsoever mentioned on the packaging. Talking about myself, I was a bit reluctant before picking up these but heard so many good things about them on Pakistani Beauty Bloggers forum that I had to pick them. I’m so glad  I took the plunge because they didn’t irritate my eyes and I’m so happy with their performance.

About the lasting power, they stay put on my oily eye-lids for a good 4-5 hours on their own. During this time, if I touch my eyes or something, the liner just peels off. I suggest, applying them over a powder eyeshadow or with your regular black eyeliner – just to add a bit drama.

Overall, I’m extremely happy with these. I’m planning to get the other two shades too since I love the ones I own. I ordered mine from for Rs. 175 each. You can order these from there or you should be able to find Espee in the local stores in Pakistan as well.

Amazing Points

  • Extremely budget friendly.
  • Stays put on the eyes for a decent timing.
  • Free of any animal ingredients.
  • Available in five lovely shades.
  • Decent colour pay-off.
  • Pointed tip eyeliner brush makes application very smooth.

Not So Amazing Points
  • Doesn’t come with an ingredients list.
  • The glue-like scent is a major turn-off
  • The liner peels-off on toucing.

Overall, I’d rate ESPEE glitter eyeliner a 3.5/5. You can’t go wrong with these in this killer price.

Price: Rs. 175 each.

Do you like wearing glittery eyeliners? What’s your favourite brand? Don’t forget sharing your thoughts with me! <3

Much Love,
Zubia Rizvi


  1. These sound promising if I want to venture into glitter liners somewhere in the near future.
    On an another note, just wanted to let you know that I bought the St. Ives moisturizer on your recommendation and I'm really really liking it as a day cream these days. So Thankyou!

    1. I'm really glad that the moisturizer works for you as well. Thanks for sharing your feedback! <3

  2. interesting shades, love the shots!!
    p.s looking forward to your post on eyemakeup for bespectacled girls, as im soon about to become one haha

  3. lovely shades and i am in love with their bottles so cute
    Nail Mania

  4. woww in love with the swatches .. such a bargain .. m def gonna search for them .. thanks for sharing x

  5. It's been a while since I tried coloured eyeliners! Daring yet pretty!! :) x

    Jadirah Sarmad | Jasmine Catches Butterflies ʚϊɞ

  6. They can be used as glitter on the eyes as well. Nice review.

  7. Love thier super cute packaging :) And i love your honest review :) Eww to that glue like scent.Much love.xoxo

  8. Nice colors and sound good for their price.

  9. Wow lovely swatches and very affordable too. :)

  10. Not a big fan of glitter liners but love the packaging!

  11. I use these ALL the time and Love them!! <3
    Maliha Rao / Red Alice Rao

  12. i didnt know this company existed.great post dear


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