Thursday, 31 January 2013

A LUSCIOUS Parcel arrived!!


Hello Girls!

 Last month Luscious Cosmetics celebrated their 5th Anniversary! As a part of their anniversary celebration they launched some new products and few gift packs of their best selling products. If you read my What's in My Travel Makeup Bag post then you might had observed that I'm a fan of Luscious cosmetics, in fact my first ever makeup products were from the same brand. Few days back, to add more colours and brightness to their 5th anniversary celebrations, Luscious Cosmetics announced a contest on their Facebook Fan Page. Luckily my entry for this contest was selected and I got a chance to get a Luscious gift hamper worth Rs 5,000.

I was contacted by the team of Luscious Cosmetics and they asked me which products I would like to have. I took only five minutes to think, I already have maximum products from their range but there were few things that I had not tried yet. Have a look at what I chose:

An inside view of the box that I received :)

1- 12 pieces Deluxe Diva Brush Set                                                                          
2- Signature Lipstick Shade buff pink 03                                                              
3- Super Moisturizing Lipstick Shade Creamy Rose                                             
4-Ultra-Smooth Lip Liner Shade Toasted Pink                                                    
5-Eyebrow Definer Pencil For Dark Hair                                                              
6-Color Stories Eyeshadow Trio in 05 Treasure Hunt                                          
7-Color Stories Eyeshadow Trio in 09 Midnight Feast 

Ah! Makeup ;)

Luscious cosmetics just launched these eyeshadow trios and I wanted to try them. I picked up:

05- Treasure Hunt
09- Midnight Feast

People rave about Lipsticks of Luscious Cosmetics a lot, but I still had not tried any of them so I picked up one piece from both of their ranges.

                                              Super Moisturizing Lipstick Shade Creamy Rose                                              

Signature Lipstick Shade buff pink 03                                                              

Ultra-Smooth Lip Liner Shade Toasted Pink                                                    

Eyebrow Definer Pencil For Dark Hair                                                              
I have used Essential Brush Set by Luscious Cosmetics and was quite happy with it, I decided to try their Deluxe Diva Brush Set as well.
12 piece Deluxe Diva Brush Set                                                                          

I absolutely loved everything :D

So this is it girls! I hope you enjoyed going through the photos. Did you have any haul recently? I'd love to hear your shopping details. 


  1. whoa! Lucky girl :D congrats, i don't even know what the contest was! Lol lovely picks :)

  2. :) Congrats girl ... Lovely pick you've made ... I do want to see swatches of those trio eye shadows xx

    1. Thank you Sana! Review and swatches will be up soon :)

  3. Congratulations . Would love to see reviews in coming days . Since I'm lipstick junkie , do show show how this lipstick shade looks :)

    1. Thanks for stopping by Sara! Reviews will be up soon. x

  4. How lucky! This is a great goody bag. Now waiting for your review. :D

  5. lucky you !!! congrats :) waiting for reviews x

  6. gorgeous stuff! congrats on winning zubia! xx

    1. Aww! Thanks for stopping by Rakhshan :) x

  7. i have never tried lucsious cosmetics i heard some bad reviews about their eyeshadow range well the new eyeshadows range look promising will definitely try them out anyway lovely haul

  8. Love this all stuff you got... U surely a makeupistic :)


  9. Wow... so u got a treat from Luscious... Lucky gal...


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