Wednesday, 30 January 2013

What's inside my RED BOX?

Hello girls!
I love reading posts that give me a sneak peak into others life LOL! It's interesting to know what other girls are keeping in their makeup bags or what they received in their monthly subscription box. My Tuesday was brightened up by a RED BOX so I decided to do a little Blog Post on that mystery box. In case you don't know RED BOX is actually a service by TCS through which anyone from UAE and some other countries can send gifts to Pakistan. So, this actually is a gift box that one of our family friends sent us and not a monthly subscription box. I'm going to share only my small gifts here. 

With this post, I'm adding a new category, "Love Stories" in my Blog. Now they are not going to be the traditional Romeo Juliet Love Stories [though I love them ;) ] but I'll be sharing random glimpses of my life on this Blog under that category. I'm a girl who easily falls in love with things; let it be a good book, a coffee mug, a makeup product or just some random fun day with family! So, my first post or say first love story surrounds that RED BOX that our family friends sent us just to show some care and love; seriously there was no special occasion or reason and I do wish that they keep on reminding us that how much they love us ;) *Ahem*

Have a look on few things that came for me in that box:

A pack of Cadbury Dairy Milk Fruit & Nut
Some Candies
Three pairs of Ear Rings
One tub of Nivea Soft Moisturizing Cream

The thing I loved most [of course after Cadbury ;)] are these ear rings; they are made of wood and very pleasantly colourful:

These are all little random things but the fact that someone bought them, packed them and sent them for me from across the sea made them real special for me!

Have you ever received such small, surprising, and for no special reason treats? Do tell me in your comments below.


Zubia Rizvi


  1. Yummmy chocolates haha! Like thenidea of the love story series :)

  2. love your earrings :) enjoy chocolates and stay blessed xoxo

  3. hey goodluck with ur spending ban, it can be really difficult and u shud be proud of urself to take such a huge step! Please come chk out my blog, I just started and I'd really appreciate you stopping by!

    1. Oh yeah difficult like anything! Thank you for your appreciation, I'll definitely visit your Blog :)

  4. that is such an interesting Red Box! :) wouldnt mind receiving one :P x


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