Thursday, 17 January 2013

What's in My Travel Makeup Bag

"What's in My Travel Makeup Bag" is my favourite tag to enjoy on YouTube. Last month, I went on a small holiday trip to northern areas of Pakistan with my family. I'll show you guys which makeup products I took with me.

Face Products:

Luscious Whitening Base: This was the first thing that I picked up from my vanity to put in my travel bag. It is a multipurpose product; face primer, moisturizer and sun protection (SPF 35), so instead of packing three different products, this all in one product made my life easier.

Luscious Velvet Matte Pressed Powder: I didn't take any foundation with me. I wanted a natural 'no makeup makeup look' on my holidays. This pressed powder works good for my oily skin by minimizing pores and providing a light coverage.

CoverGirl Instant Cheekbones: I picked up this little kit to add a little colour to my cheeks. It is a compact little kit, comes with a highlighter, blush and a dark colour to contour your cheekbones. My shade is Peach Perfection.

Eye Products:

Eye shadow: I wanted to keep my face natural and fresh. I didn't take any eyeshadow palette with me rather I dropped two single Luscious eye shadows in my makeup bag. Baby Doll is the shade that I usually sweep all over my lids. The other shade that I took with me was Smoke; just to add a little smokey touch or line my eyes.

Kohl Pencils: I took Diana of London's Super Longwear Eyeliner pencil in 07-Blackest Black to tightline my eyes. I love this pencil; it's easy to work with and stays for a very long time without smudging and fading.

Another kohl pencil that I took with me was Essence's kajal pencil in 04 White. It brightens up my eyes and I simply love it.

Lip Products:

Lip Balms: First thing that I tossed in my makeup bag for lips was Dermalogics LipCare. I cannot imagine my life without this product, it keeps my lips moisturized for a very very long time.
MUA's lip balm Hot Lips went into my bag as I love the slight pink tint that it provides to my lips and of course it keeps my lips moisturized as well.

Lipstick: I took only one lipstick with my. It's my ultimate love these days; In the Buff by Beauty UK.

Lip Gloss: I took Color Art Lip Gloss 04 by Rivaj Uk. It is a pretty pink colour and I love wearing it. Everything that I took with me on my trip from lips category was pink * I love Pink*


 I took pretty much basic brushes with me:

Small Rounded Eyeshadow Brush by Luscious
Eyeshadow Shader Brush By Luscious
Eyeshadow Blender Brush By Luscious
Blush Brush by Luscious
Kabuki Brush (I got it from, the name of the company is mentioned in some strange language)

Random Essentials:

Tissue papers, face wipes, cotton balls, hair pins, and q-tips :)

So this is it. The makeup bag that I took with me is in glossy purple colour. It's my hot favourite makeup travelling bag, got it from Metro Cash and Carry Pakistan. It is cute and spacious; stores a lot of products.. There are slots; where you can keep your makeup brushes. Plus it also came with an attached mirror.

How do you pack your makeup bag? What are your beauty essentials? Share with me in the comment section!

Lots of Love

Zubia Rizvi


  1. so tempted to see makeup in cute bag... :)

    1. Bag is my absolute favourite Mahrukh :)

  2. Good choices to travel along with. The purple bag is lovely! :) x

    1. Thank you for commenting Shang! You literally made my day, have been reading your blog for a long time :)

  3. Cute travel cases! I try to pack lightly with my hair/ skincare/ makeup products but it never works, I even take some out but I always have heaps left still! (unless I need to pack lightly for flying, though -.-) It's just too hard! But you have the perfect amount of products.

  4. Nice picks for a trip. Absolutely love the bag.

  5. Wonderfull picks with a wonderfull bag and for a wonderfull person <3

  6. thats a nice kit for travelling! x

  7. I did this post on my blog yesterday and today I come across yours! For me, my essential will be my rimmel fix & perfect primer since it keeps my face oil-free and fresh with or without any makeup :)

    Cheers <3


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