Sunday, 20 January 2013

Kiss and Care in the City! New Kiss Care Love LIPBALM by Essence in Fruit Crush

This little tube brings you the wonderful treasure of Kiss Love and Care! Is there anything else that a girl needs? Essence launched their new Lip Balms in Pakistan this winters and I knew I had to get one ;)

Essence is a Germany based cosmetics brand. It's products are widely available in Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, Ireland, Spain, Croatia, Italy, Switzerland, Austria and Pakistan. The brand assures that they never conduct testing on animals neither pay any commissions to any third party that may support it!They strongly disapprove animal testing for cosmetics products. The brand promises to deliver quality products in affordable price. How good is that ^_^

Now, About the Lip Balm:

"Kiss and care in the city! the gentle texture of the lip balm is moisturizing and pampering thanks to its premium castor oil ingredients.
The highlight: these lipbalms have a refreshing fruity taste and guarantee a natural look with their subtle color-dispersion. available in four beautiful, trendy colors."

The Review: 

Unfortunately, Essence is only available in selected cities of Pakistan excluding mine :( so I had to travel all the way to Islamabad to get it ;) *Enough Drama* [In reality, I was on a holiday tour and we stayed for a night in Islamabad because I had to buy things from there and my mother had to meet her friend]. I picked this one from D Watson in 190 PKR, my shade is '01 Fruit Crush'

The packaging of this Lip Balm is cute and girlish however quality wise it is not the best thing available in the market. When you take this tube in your hands, the material of the packaging feels somehow rough and cheap. The lid of my new lip balm was already cracked although it was sealed. The inner part of the lid was stained *another negative point* I still picked this up because I was dying to try it and believe me, once you try it on, you will forget all the negative points of it's not so good packaging.

The formula of this lip balm is enough creamy and moisturizing. In the tube, Fruit Crush appears as a pigmented Pink shade with a frosty finish. However when applied on lips it leaves a very slight tint with a nice sheen. Personally I do not prefer frosty finishes but I love this one, the shine that this balm leaves on my lips is moderate and therefore it only brightens up my lips without making them supper glossy or glittery. You'll notice a refreshing fruity fragrance that I absolutely adore. I didn't notice any taste as claimed by Essence. This is pretty much tasteless [Yes! I actually ran my tongue over my lips to taste it *Embarrassed*] but the fruity fragrance is adorable but it fades away after thirty minutes or so. This product lasts on my lips for good three hours, my lips were hydrated and tinted!

Who will love it?

School and college girls will love this beauty by Essence. If you're a fan of no-makeup makeup looks then say bye to your lipsticks and hi to lip balms.

The Amazing Factors

Chic Name ; "Kiss Care Love" [WOW] This lip balm range has its own name even each shade has its own name and not just random numbers.

Shine that brightens up your dried winter-victim lips

Cute Packaging

Reasonable price tag

Fruity scent

Not So Amazing Factors

Availability; but hey! Essence has an expending plan, let's wait and watch :)

Packaging :(

Over all, I'll rate this product 4/5

I'll definitely collect three other shades from the range too.

To stay updated with all new products of Essence Cosmtics, join their official Facebook fan page.

Have you tried this lip balm? What's your opinion about it or do you have any other favourtie from any other brand? Suggest me :)

Update: Now complete range of Essence Cosmetics can be found at


  1. Wow it sounds good :)

  2. I love tinted lip balms. This sounds great! :D x

    1. Tinted Lips Balms are perfect for 'just bitten natural lips', I adore them :D

  3. hey ZUbia,,, bt does it darken d Lip color ,, mean its side effect ??
    bcz many of such tinted color balm darkens d natural lip color,,
    dts y,, i was only satisfied wid SLEEK tinted lip color

    1. Hi Kainat! I have used it for more than one month now but haven't experienced any bad side effect. xx

  4. thats a lovely tint in the swatch! love the price tag though! essence is so econimical, nice review :) xx


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