Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Products I'm Loving This Summer!

Season of mangoes has arrived in Pakistan and Mr. Sun is in a full mood of showing off his hotness this year ;).  Since weather is extra grumpy here, I prefer to use minimum makeup during day time but there are few products (makeup+skin care) that I have been using and loving quite a lot these days. Let's have a look on them below:

POND's Clear Balance - Smooth Pores: I purchased this face wash almost a month ago (read haul post here), I fell in love with this product the very first time I tried it. It gives a very refreshing feeling every time I wash my face with it. It hasn't done much when it comes to pore shrinking but it does clean my pores. Already purchased a new one for me and my sister and intend to continue using it all summer.  

She ...is cool: A refreshingly sweet fragrance, I love spraying it on me after every shower!

St. Ives Green Tea Scrub: This product is certainly a gift for people with oily skin, probably the best face scrub I've tried till date. I usually take a pea size amount of the product and exfoliate my face for few minutes once in a fortnight. It leaves my skin soft and helps in controlling acne. The fine granules don't go harsh on skin. If you have oily skin and looking for a gently scrub, go for it. I totally recommend it to everyone.

Freeman Anti-Stress Mask: I purchased this facial mask after reading a lot of raving reviews and I must say that this is one of my best purchases. The thing I like most about this mask is that it does cleanse my pores deeply without making my face oily. Since I have oily skin, most facial products that promise a glow make my face extremely oily but story is different with this mask. A detailed review is coming soon but in simple words, go get it girl! :)

Luscious Pressed Powder: I swear, I can never ever live without this product!! Luscious, please never think of discontinuing it or if you do plan something like that don't forget to send a truck full of these to my house before hand. It keeps my skin oil free for a good 5 hours or so (my skin is oily and by oily I mean really oily) provides a decent coverage without appearing too obvious or cakey. I love how neat and fresh my face looks with this product! A detailed review will be up soon.

Color Studio Professional Waterproof Mascara: To be true this is not the mascara that will give your lashes a dramatic length and volume but it is a decent budget friendly mascara that defines my lashes very well. Since I prefer to only enhance my lashes a bit in my daily routine, I quite like this product. The fact that it is waterproof is definitely a plus point in this humid weather.

Rivaj-UK Kajal Pencil: A beautifully pigmented and long lasting kajal pencil that is an essential part of my daily routine, read complete review with swatches here.

Essence Kiss Care Love Lipbalm: I prefer to apply a lipbalm instead of a lipstick in my daily routine, this lipbalm has a beautiful sheen to it that instantly brightens up my complexion. Not to forget the sweet fragrance of this cute lip product. Read a detailed review with swatches here.

Wet n Wild Megalast Lipstick in Mauve Outta here: I won this lipstick in a giveaway (read details here) luckily. When I first got it I was a little scared to try it on. I never even dreamt of applying such a bold shade plus I was going through a major pink lipstick phase. This is a shade that is mauve but still belongs to the family of pink. It complements my skin tone (fair medium) very beautifully, probably more than any true pink shade. I totally plan to get a backup of this shade for me.

Luscious Nail Color - Nomi Ansari:  I don't paint my nails quite often but I love this coral nail paint. In my opinion this is the perfect summer shade, makes me happy and energetic every time I have it on!

What are your summer essentials? Any products that you cannot live without? Don't forget to tell me your summer favourites :) 

Stay healthy and happy, enjoy summer season with lots of mangoes and lemonade!

Much Love,
Zubia Rizvi


  1. Hi there! It's your fellow oily skinned gal here. I must try the luscious face powder you raved about. Meanwhile I'm eyeing your st. Ives green tea scrub. Sounds perfect for us oilies :)

    1. Try both of these, you'll love them for sure! Yayy for being my oily skinned partner ;) would love to know your personal favourites. xx

  2. Great picks, I am so much wanting wnw lippies now...:) almost craving!!!

  3. great picks....hy your photography is really good....

  4. I worship the Nomi Ansari color, I have Kamiar Rokni on so as soon as that is off, I ll grab that! :D Will definitely try the Ponds face wash!

    1. Nomi Ansari shade is a gem Atiya! xx

  5. All products are great! loved the post

  6. I think i need this anti-stress mask. :$
    where it is available in Karachi?

    great great review

    1. It should be available in all leading stores Nida, check Naheed! Thank you for appreciating. :) xx

  7. Awesome products :) Nice post!

  8. wow love the whole collection and the shots.luscious powder sounds like a must try for me.thankyou for sharing <3 i really enjoyed reading it.


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