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Real Techniques Expert Face Brush | Review

A foundation brush that promises high  definition and pixel perfect results, but does it live up to these claims? Let's find out!

Expert Face Brush is ultra firm and broad for application and blending of cream or liquid foundation:
  • Look pixel-perfect even in harsh light
  • Ultra-plush, synthetic taklon bristles are hand-cut and 100% cruelty-free
  • Self-standing for easy storage
  • Extended aluminum handle is light and easy to use

Perfectly Shaped Bristles - Reaches all areas of my face easily
I like how dense this brush is!

When I made a wishlist for 2013, a decent foundation was the first thing that came to my mind to be included. I was using a traditional paddle foundation brush prior to this brush, which worked well with my liquid foundations that have thin consistency but flawless blending of a thick consistency liquid or cream foundation wasn't that easy with a paddle brush. I actually had my eyes on Sigma Flat Top Kabuki Brush - F80 but since Real Techniques was rather easily available as compared to Sigma in Pakistan, I went for it. I got this brush in February and since then I'm using nothing but Real Techniques expert face brush for blending my foundation, so now is the perfect time to talk about its pros and cons.

Since the day I started using this brush, I could feel a considerable difference in my foundation application. I totally agree when this brush claims to provide pixel-perfect results because I was totally able to achieve a flawless picture perfect base using this brush. The taklon bristles are so soft and feels great on your face. What I do is, dot my foundation all over my face and then blend everything with this foundation. I also noticed that when using this brush, you will be using less foundation than usual. Reason behind that maybe this brush works better in spreading and blending foundations which eventually results in less use of the product. The shape of the brush is perfect and I could very easily apply and blend foundation to the sides of my nose and all areas of my face. 

Sam; pro makeup artist + beauty blogger + creator of Real Techniques Brushes uses this brush for her complete face makeup including blush and finishing powder. I have used this brush with powder foundation as well but it didn't work very well with that. I personally feel that this brush is dense enough to pick a lot of product from your powder pan and instead of buffing it well to your skin it will make your powder foundation look like a little blotchy. When using this brush with my cream blushes, I was able to achieve a nice flushed look but you have to be very careful since it is a wide brush and you would possibly end up with a clownish face if not extra careful.

The Expert Face Brush has a self-standing base which I like and dislike at the same time. I was actually able to do my makeup in really odd situations, thanks to the self-standing base I placed it anywhere without thinking of getting a holder or anything else for it but the wide base can really be a hassle when you think of storing it. I wasn't be able to store it with my other brushes in brush holder because of that. I still store my brush in the packaging in which it first came to me.

For some reasons, when I first washed my brush I was expecting it to shed (skeptical me ahh!) and take a long time; a day to be least for drying. To my amazement there was no visible shedding, the brush cleaned incredibly well in no time and dried in less than 3 hours. How cool is that? 

I think I have highlighted all pros and cons of this brush, over all this brush is a winner for me and I'm officially in love with it! I already plan to get few more brushes from Real Techniques, can't wait for Eid and Eidi and of course to spend it on new makeup ^_^

Amazing Factors

  • Picture-perfect flawless base application (liquid and cream foundations)
  • The bristles are baby soft and feels lovely on skin
  • The bristles show no visible shedding
  • Cleaning is incredibly easy and the brush doesn't take forever to dry
  • Self-standing base makes it easier to apply makeup while travelling
  • Aluminum handle is light-weight and provides an easy grip
  • The shape of bristles is perfect for applying foundation to all tricky areas of your face including sides of your nose

Not So Amazing Factors
  •  Real Techniques Brushes are available online only in Pakistan
  • The wide base of brushes might create storing problems

Self-standing Base of the brush

Over all I'll rate this brush 5/5. Would definitely recommend it to all my friends.

I got mine from Shopaholic for 1600 rupees. You can get it from there on COD or can check but they require advance payment for Real Techniques. Internationally this brush is available at Ulta, Target, and Walmart.
Have you used expert face brush or any other one by Real Techniques? What are your thoughts about the brand? Also, like always forget not to leave your recommendations for me about what to pick next from the brand.
Much Love,
Zubia Rizvi


  1. I love love love this brush,since the time I have this,I havent used my other foundation brushes. Nicely reviewed :)

    1. Thank you Sugandha! This brush is a total love <3

  2. -sigh- saving up for real technique brushes, I've read so many good reviews and you've just added to them! :) xx

    Jasmine Catches Butterflies ʚϊɞ

    1. Haha I also need few more in my life Jadirah! xx

  3. Omg! its expensive but worth the money i would love to have more makeup brushes :)

    1. Yes Sadee, they're totally worth every penny! xx

  4. This one and the blush brush are on my Wishlist :)

    1. Blush brush is on my wishlist too :D

  5. I have had my eyes on the sigma F80 as well but this looks good too.
    check out my blog too if you can :)

  6. I am glad that it win your heart . Lovely honest review <3

  7. i want too try their blush brush <3 :)

  8. Even though I have Sigma F80, but since I got 2 RT brushes, this has been on my wishlist now. You know, no one can ever get enough of one thing :D x

  9. Amazing, added in my wish list :)

  10. I have been lemming for RT brushes and recently I ordered their core collection set (bless these Facebook pages ) but I know I want their blush brush for sure :)

  11. That's one of my favourite brushes, absolutely love it xx

  12. Their eye shadow brushes are amazing too... they do a good job with blending. They are also very good for concealer application.

  13. Oh wow! I had not heard of this brand. Thank you for the review. Please do check out my blog, too, when and if you have time: Thanks in advance!

  14. This looks amazing. I have some RT brushes that I love, and I am sure I would love this as well!

  15. Few days ago suddenly i feeling a problem about make brushe .I am always looking for a solution finally i find it this article

    sigma f80

  16. I've been making an RT Brush collection :-P This review really pulls my hopes up! <3


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