Wednesday, 27 November 2013

A Quick Beauty Haul - November 2013!

Hey guys,

How have you all been? I just thought to share a quick haul post today, almost all of these things are picked up from my personal favourite store Al-Fatah (though it's getting notorious day by day for the sale of occasional fake products) except a few. Let's get into brief details of my shopping.

The first thing I picked up for myself is this Salon Extra Compact Hairdryer by Philips. Earlier I was using its big bro or perhaps grandpa, but I needed something small & cute for travelling and this sounded just perfect for the purpose. It is available at Al-Fatah for PKR 1400.

I really needed a good hair spray to hold the curls for my extremely straight hair, hence I picked up this Garnier Fructis Styling Mousse, the Curl Definition version for PKR 595, let's hope it helps, crossing my fingers. If you know of a hair spray that holds curls for longer please let me know.

Next I picked up this plastic roller set by Rivaj-UK, I love curling my hair but using heated rollers quite often definitely is not a very save option. Curious to test out this set. It comes in two sizes and I got the small one for PKR 260.

After being sold a fake Labello, I finally got my hands on the original one from a random cosmetics shop of Islamabad for PKR 200. I picked the strawberry flavour and love it already! From the same shop I got myself this dirt cheap Olivia Kajal just because I was curious to try it. For PKR 50 only, this product is seriously a gem.

Lastly I got myself The Body Shop Facial Brush for PKR 490 and how I wish this money was spent on a pizza with extra mushroom and sweetcorn instead! Stay tuned for a detailed review.

This is it for now guys! Have you tried any of these things already? How was your experience with them?

Much Love,

Zubia Rizvi
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  1. Nice...My fav labello lip balm... :) the Rivaj UK roller set seems good...Do mention how it was after trying it..

  2. Nice haul, Rivaj hair rollers are great :)

  3. Lovely picks I need a little cute-y hair dryer too :)

  4. wow TBS scrub must have been real bad huh :P great fun haul ^_^

  5. very and huda are tempting me to buy facial brush....

    1. Noooo! Dont get it Shafaq, its not worth purchasing.

  6. For a great hairspray to hold curl well, try Keune Shaping Hairspray. I have pin straight hair and whenever I used to curl my hair, they would get wavy-ish withtin half an hour, but the Keune one atleast has it looking fine for about three hours. Haven't found anything for all day long yet :(

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  8. I have the rivaj set. Does the job. I got it for 190 rs from somewhere

  9. Nice picks.wauting fr mousse review :)
    How comw tbs brush was this cheap!!

  10. That hair drier is super cute! :D

  11. PINK hair dryer. I want to go on a baking haul :(

  12. loved your hair dryer
    plz visit my blog

  13. Lovely Blog dear ! Nominated you for an award ,Do check it out :)

  14. waiting for a review on that Garnier Styling Mousse :)

  15. hey...I nominated your blog for the liebster award...Don't forget to check my post and post the award on your blog :)

  16. great Haul <3


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