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Say Hello to Glowing, Hydrated & Happy Skin with Cosmo Derme Pakistan!

Full coverage foundations, colour correctors, heavy concealers work excellent to mask acne scars, uneven skin tone or even enlarged pores. But applying it on a daily basis especially if you’re a working lady – always on a morning rush, can be quite a hassle. Talking about myself, all I want in the morning is just to apply an easily blend-able sheer coverage foundation, some kohl and lipstick. But to use nominal makeup and still look and feel pretty – you’ve got to have a flawless skin. Other than looking good, the confidence a clear glowing skin inculcates in you is totally unmatchable. Let’s see how Cosmo Derme Pakistan can assist you in gaining that flawless complexion you always envied.

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What is Cosmo Derme?  It is a skin enhancement and consultancy clinic in Karachi.

What do they do?  They have top notch dermotalogists and skin consutants on their panel. You can pick anyone of the experts for a consultancy to discuss your skin problems and possible solutions. What I like is, other than the laser and other similar things, they offer a couple of natural skin treatments as well like aroma facials.

Let’s get one thing straight, I don’t by any mean encourage people to go for laser skin treatments or under knife to hide your age and look younger but there are instances where you just have to do what is needed. If you do intend to opt for any such treatment, make sure you select the right place. While visiting cosmo derme website, I was really pleased to see all the details they provided about all of their services and their professionals. It’s good to know your doctor before undergoing any treatment.

Some of the treatments they’re offering are: acne treatment; dermatologists at cosmo derme suggest acne treatment according to the skin type and sensitivity level of patient’s skin and make sure the medication/treatment has minimum side-effects, scarring resurfacing; cosmo derme has nationally accredited plastic surgeons on panel for scarring resurfacing – if you’re worried about your brown spots, wrinkles, sun burns, chickenpox/acne scars you might want to look into the details. Body hair removal; if waxing and threading isn't your cup of tea and you want to consider something with longer lasting effects, consider laser hair removal treatment. Cosmo derme is offering laser body hair removal treatment in Pakistan for the first time for both genders.

Now come the two treatments I, personally found very interesting, basically because they are done using essential oils and natural products. Vine Anti Aging Treatment is one of them. Wine has been widely known for being rich in antioxidants hence slows down the aging process. When it’s core ingredients are used for facials, they can generate excellent results. At Cosmo Derme, a series is provided to the clients including facials, massage and scrubs – all made from natural grape ingredients and vine essence. It activates cell energy production and reflects excellent results on the skin. The other treatment is Aroma Facial Treatment; here an exfoliation therapy is done using all natural ingredients to unclog and cleanse your pores, tone your skin and rejuvenate it with essential oils that suit your skin type the best!

Cosmo Derme Pakistan

You can visit Cosmo Derme Pakistan website or Facebook page to know more details about the treatments and skin consultancy services they’re offering. They’re quite active on twitter and keep updating their followers with natural skin treatments. Alternatively, you can follow them on Goggle Plus here

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post however each detail is provided after extensive research and to the best of my knowledge. I, don’t encourage my readers to go under the knife to attain the external beauty but some of their treatments based on natural ingredients sound really promising. 


  1. Sounds great. Thanks for sharing

  2. I'm always a bit afraid of this kind of treatments, but, if done in the right place and by expert professionals, they can be the best way to improve significantly your skin and to solve some skin issues. This clinic sounds like a great choice!

  3. Nicely written :) This seems so interesting :) thanks for sharing love :)

  4. Some great tips there, thanks for sharing x

  5. ive heard about the ice cube tip but never attempted it. ive always splashed cold water afterwards to close my pores

  6. Sounds like they offer some great treatments! I agree you should always be careful to check credentials before going for something like laser treatment :)

    Jess xo

  7. I believe Karachiites are in for a treat! Surgeries and treatments are different and I feel it's good that you can always discuss it with the dermatologists beforehand, besides they advice according to skin needs! :) x

    Jadirah Sarmad | Jasmine Catches Butterflies ʚϊɞ

  8. Some handy tips here - I've never heard the ice cube thing, but not sure I could make myself do it! :)

  9. Great tips! never heard of the ice cube thing.


  10. This is a great detailed posts, the treatments sound really good too x


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