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ARTDECO Eyeshadow Base | Review and Swatches!

Hey Everyone! I hope you all are keeping good and enjoying the season of gusty winds and intermittent rain probably with a mug of steaming hot tea, hot crisp pakoras and your freshly arrived, sealed makeup parcel hah! This month has been a little too much crazy for me and I'm glad that it's finally going to end. How's your month, did you have any rainfall in your region or received any new makeup goodies? Do let me know :)

Moving on to the post now, Today I'm going to review a product from Artdeco Cosmetics.

"Germany's No. 1 make-up brand offers you the unique possibility to not only cover all areas of decorative cosmetics and nail care.
An especially wide selection of colors, eyeshadows and blushers which can be freely combined in refillable beauty boxes, and unique special products, which make it possible to achieve really professional results, ideally comple-ment and round off the international luxury brands."

Let's have a look at what I am going to review today from this brand:

ARTDECO Eyeshadow Base

ARTDECO Eyeshadow Base

"The Eyeshadow Base with a soft, creamy consistency prevents the deposition of Eyeshadow in the eyelid crease and makes the powder eyeshadows highly long-lasting, intense and brilliant. The eyeshadow is being applied easier, distributed better and lasts longer. This way, little particles cannot become loose, making it ideal for contact lens wearers. 

 The base calms reddened eyelids with Bisabolol and neutralizes the color of eyelids. Vitamin E nourishes and protects the sensitive skin of the eyes. 
Suitable for all kind of eyeshadows. Free from animal ingredients. Please close the lid firmly immediately after use."

The Review

ARTDECO Eyeshadow Base claims to enhance the durability, colour intensity and luminescence of powder eyeshadow while making it waterproof. I believe these claims to be partially true. I have been using this eyeshadow base for past 6 months, having read a couple of reviews of this Eyeshadow Base, I was expecting it to become "rock hard" during this period of time but to my surprise, it is still creamy and applies very smoothly and easily. The trick is to tightly close the lid immediately as mentioned on the packaging of the product.

The texture of the base is creamy. There are fine particles of glitter infused in the product that can be noticed even if you apply a tiny amount of product. I think, that's where the claim of enhancing the luminescence of powder eyeshadows become true. Even if you apply a completely matte eyeshadow over this Base, it will appear with a sheen. Having said that, I'd like to clear that the amount of glitter is not enough to make your eyes a glitter ball, it is subtle and fine. In addition to the enhancement of luminescence, this Eyeshadow Base does increase the intensity of powder eyeshadow quite well. All of us have few eyeshadows in our collection that are sheer and difficult to buildup, having this base underneath your sheer eyeshadow, your eyeshadow will appear more pigmented and vibrant so this claim is also true.

Now comes the durability and longevity of powder eyeshadows over this base, I'd say that I have been a little disappointed here. I have not felt even the difference of seconds in the fading and creasing time of my eyeshadow with this base. For reference, I have oily eyelids. This base does not stop creasing or by any mean increase the longevity of my eyeshadow. 

ARTDECO Eyeshadow Base - Testing Time

Pressed eyeshadow powder (L) Applied on bare skin, (R) Applied over ARTDECO Eyeshadow Base

This product also claims to be a perfect solution for contact lens wearers as it provides a better base for loose pigments and they don't get scattered all over the place. I agree to this claim, I have used it with my loose pigment and the loose glitter clings on to the base surprisingly well whereas on bare skin it gets scattered in no time.

Loose Pigment (L) Applied over ARTDECO Eyeshadow Base, (R) Applied on Bare Skin

The Amazing Factors

  •  Enhance the luminescence of powder eyeshadow
  • Provides a great base for loose pigments
  • Easily available in Pakistan and Europe
  • Free from any animal ingredients
  • Increases the intensity of eyeshadow

Not So Amazing Factors

  • Doesn't stop eyeshadow creasing (Oily Eyelids)
  •  Doesn't increase the longevity of eyeshadow (Oily Eyelids)

Over all, I'll rate this product 3/5.

It hasn't stopped my search for a good eyeshadow primer/base. I'll continue to look for a better product but those of you who prefer to use loose pigments a lot or do not have oily lids may give it a try. It is easily available in all cosmetics stores. I purchased this product from Al-Fatah Faisalabad for 650 PKR. It is available online at as well.

UPDATE [January 26, 2015] : After a long time, I found this eyeshadow base in my collection again and found it getting dried. It's still use-able but the texture is drier hence hard to spread well on the lids.]

What's your favourite eyeshadow primer? Recommend me something of your choice.

Until next time, 
Take Care
Zubia Rizvi :)


  1. I hv been wanting this product but after getting elf eyeprimer i dont think i will buy it thanks for the review

  2. Yes this eyeshadow base is really good! :D

  3. thats a real honest review! thanks for sharing your experience! :) x

  4. Nice review, i wanted to try this..but i think i should skip it now :)

  5. Nice review!

    Following your blog now via GFC.
    Hope you follow me back..xx

  6. Followed you on Bloglovin too! :)

  7. Nice review, i am having ELF Eye Primer, it works great <3

  8. I own this primer and mine turned out hard and its just useless now.

    1. Yes I heard people complaining about it getting dried, my experience is different though. However, once it gets dry, I'd definitely update this review. Thanks for visiting. X

  9. i have been using this primer for some time now. since i do not have oily skin i works really well for me. nice review =)


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