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Diana of London Super Long Wear Eyeliner - Blackest Black 07 | Review & Swatches

I never leave house without lining my eyes with a kohl pencil, that's the reason my makeup drawer is full of kohl pencils from different brands. Diana of London Super Long Wear Eyeliner pencil is the one product that I keep getting back to, let's find out why!

Diana of London Super Long Wear Eyeliner

"Soft & Smooth Waterproof Eyeliner Pencil which gives a finishing touch to your eye make-up all day long. Start a fine line at the base of your eye lid, thicken it in the middle, and draw it toward the outer corner of your eyes. Available in three different shades; Blackest Black, Blue & Grey."

Diana of London Super Long Wear Eyeliner - Blackest Black | Swatch


Diana of London Super Long Wear Eyeliner pencils come in three shades, I own blackest black 07, which delivers true to its name results. It is not as black as my previously reviewed Rivaj-UK kajal pencil but still offers good pigmentation. I have been using it regularly since the day I got it and after almost 3 months it still is my most reached for pencil. I need to swipe it across my waterline twice or thrice to achieve  full intense colour and after that it stays there without any budging or fading for good 7 to 8 hours which is great since I got watery eyes. 

If there is one thing that I could change about this pencil then it would be it's tip. For some odd reasons the tip is not as soft as other kohl pencils I used earlier and it sort of hurt (read irritate) my eyes, however these feelings vanish after few seconds of application. My sister tried on this pencil and she too agrees that the tip of this pencil isn't as soft as the other ones in our collection. On the positive side, this quality makes them perfect for those who face a hard time in sharpening their kohl pencils. Soft tips usually gets damaged easily while sharpening that causes sloppy and smudged application. That's why whenever I'm getting ready for a formal gathering or want to look pixel perfect, I reach for this kohl pencil.

The is a medium sized pencil but I even haven't consumed it half after the regular use of 3 months, reason probably is that frequent touch-ups aren't required. If you want a kohl pencil that doesn't smudge or keep you stress free go for it.

Amazing Factors

  • Amazing wear time.
  • Decent Pigmentation.
  • Smudge free application.
  • Easy availability all across Pakistan.
  • Frequent touch-ups aren't required so it is good value for money.

Not So Amazing Factors

  •  If your eyes are sensitive, this might hurt/irritate them for a short period of time

Over all, I'll rate this pencil 4.5/5, cutting .5 half heartedly just because of the irritation it causes. 

Diana of London Super Long Wear Eyeliner is available in all leading stores across nation. I got mine for PKR 499/- from a local cosmetics store.

Have you tried this kohl pencil? How was your experience with it? Don't forget to leave your feedback.

Much Love,Zubia Rizvi


  1. I love using this eyeliner, been using it for a few years now!

  2. Hey nice option thanks for sharing

  3. This is my favvv eye pencil... I use it daily and its staying power is it..nice review

  4. Staying power makes it a winner!

  5. Kohl is a must have especially for us Pakistanis! Nice review! I haven't ever tried anything from D.O.L other than the blush which I quite love! :) x

    Jasmine Catches Butterflies ʚϊɞ

  6. Being Kohal lover, i knew what is important to buy kohal liner, pencil etc. if its tip is hard, do apply any moisturiser on its tip and leave it for 5 mints that apply it, hope so it will works smoothly and greatly on you eyes.

    Nice review :)

  7. I am always up for a black eye pencil with good wear time. x

  8. this is one of my fav eye pencils! great review!

    Followed you from
    Do check it out and follow back :)


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