Friday, 1 November 2013

Not Another Makeup Haul!

When I shop, the world gets better, and the world is better, but then it's not, and I need to do it again! – Sophie Kinsella

I know, I know it's been a little long since I reviewed anything here on my blog, last thing I posted was a makeup haul and today when I turned on my laptop it was for the same reason - a haul post!

Life, as I'm knowing it right now isn't that smooth and peaceful as I always had thought! There is more to it than waking up to a ready steaming hot breakfast, polished shoes and a car ready with driver.When you step out of your home, life turns to a constant struggle - waking up to loud not-so-pleasant alarm, rushing to make your breakfast yourself, striving constantly each day for each little thing and adjusting far far away without your family.

Yes you read it right, this isn't actually a makeup haul post it's rather venting my heart out! This little blog and each and every person who takes time out to read it is very close to my heart, I just felt writing this all here, sharing it with you all will make me feel better and light! Oh by the way, a BIG thank you to all lovely ladies who messaged me and asked about my absence. Not that I had been sent away to some barren land or jail, I actually got admission to a far away land for my post graduation. Yes, this was my own choice to go there! Yes, I prayed to secure admission there! Yes, I feel lucky to be among those 18 scholars that were chosen for that class! And Yes I take a little just very little proud to be the youngest MS scholar in my department, still I'm going through lots and lots of difficulties in getting settled there. Living away from family maybe isn't just my cup of tea!

So when nothing goes right and you're overburdened with projects & assignments - the perfect thing to relax yourself is getting comfy in your bed, hugging your buddy teddy to keep you warm, grabbing that perfect mug of tea without sugar of course and browse through online shopping stores. Add everything that you like in your cart and place your order! You will feel tremendously relieved and great! Yes, retail therapy is the best therapy in the world...

So this wasn't actually a planned shopping, these orders were placed to soothe and calm my nerves and oh boy did it help! I'm sharing details of two parcels that arrived, two of them are expected in a day or two and one would arrive in mid November.

What I got is:

  • MUA Matte Eyeshadow Palette - Rs. 750
  • MUA Eye Blending Brush, E3 - Rs. 245 (On sale)
  • MUA Blush, Lolly - Rs, 200
  • MUA Blush Marshmallow - Rs, 200
  • Essence Pure Skin Anti-Spot Toner & Powder - Rs. 490
  • Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Stain Balm, Sweetheart - Rs. 1350
  • Red Compact Mirror - Rs. 350
  • Rivaj UK Facial Hairband - Was probably 160, don't remember exact price.
  • Nail Filer - Rs. 120
  • Beauty Shaper Tweezers - Was around 200, don't remeber exact price.
  • Foot Filer - Rs. 160
  • Cotton Cosmetics Pads - Was under 200.
  • Ponds Moisturizing Lotion - Rs. 95
  • Vaseline Total Moisture Cocoa Glow - Rs. 160 

The bag and goodies pictured above with it were a giveaway prize sent with the Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain I purchased from The Beauty Broadway, didn't buy them myself so didn't mention their price. I ordered few bits of jewellery from Dhanak that I intend to share in a separate post, the one included in this post is my most favourite one.

Allow me to say I love you all, going to stop being a stupid li'l baby and focus on what my aim was. Soon this place will be updated with lots and lots of product reviews. Oh pardon me for this much long post, but I had to share this because.. well I just had to!

Much Love,
Zubia Rizvi


  1. Dear Welcome to life, I hope you learn it the best and safest way ameen, my best wishes with u and being in ur neighborhood all I can say is "don't hesitate, if you need anything contact me" Hostel life has its own ways, never experienced but know a little as I used to travel for debating competitions from College and uni, stayed in hostels of host colleges. loved ur starting qoute, its damn true... and honey u picked the best picks. ur tempting me to buy MUA goodies I so want but not buying due to my murdered wallet...lolz Stay blessed

  2. awww please accept my electronic hug *spreads out arms and hugs zubia tightly*
    now. feeling better? :)
    you can always use your blog to vent out whatever's in your mind, and I assure you we will love to listen! Now cheer up lady and whattay haul!!!!! great purchases. each and every item I'm sure you wont regret buying :) do share your thoughts about Rimmel Mascara, as I'm dying to buy a new mascara...

    lots of love :) xoxo

  3. Aww must be hard for you. It gets better with each passing day. Hope you feel great real soon :)

    ✿Amna's Blog✿

  4. its good you are back honey..well best of luck for the admission.....hope you settle really ya

  5. Lovely haul :) do share your reviews

  6. Lovely haul. Essence toner is pure love. Can't wait to see your reviews on MUA palette. x

  7. lovely bits, i esp like the MUA palette, sweetheart is a lovely color! I want to try out the Essence toner!! x

  8. I love Rimmel's Scandal Eyes! Such a cheap product that does wonders!

    I do hauls too, check it out at

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  10. Nice haul... and gud luck :)


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