Wednesday, 20 November 2013

House of Ittehad Winters' Collection 2013 - 2014!

The hot coffee table talk in my town these days  probably is  Pakistani Designers and their Winter Collections! Winter season is officially here in Pakistan and that definitely calls for some winter shopping, this weekend I was out to pick up few Pakistani dresses for me and was surprisingly amazed to see the new collection of House of Ittehad. This seriously isn't bad guys! Let’s take a peak inside my bags.

Clearly I had no intention of putting up this post, for clothes are not the thing I talk here, but I guess now it is! Secondly I haven’t got them all stitched so it was kind of difficult managing them for a blog photoshot but since a lot of beauties were interested in knowing details about my picks and the rest of the range of Ittehad Collection, I figured out a way to do this. I’m putting up photos of my unstitched suits for you all to have a better view of prints & patterns and with them I’m including images from Houe of Ittehad Catalogue so you may know how they look once stitched. Pretty long explanation eh?

Ittehad Royal Khaddar Collection. Price: PKR 2180/-
Unfortunately I couldn't find this print in their online catalogue but I'll update the post once I find it.

Ittehad Royal Khaddar Collection. Price: PKR 1995/-

Image taken from Ittehad e-catalogue.
Ittehad Royal Khaddar Collection. Price: 2180/-
Image taken from Ittehad e-catalogue
Ittehad Royal Embroidery Linen Collection. PKR: 3300/-
This suit came with embroidery patches for sleeves, front neckline and back. I simply love it! Below are few closeups.

The dupatta motif
Embroidered Neckline 
Image taken from Ittehad e-catalogue.

In Faisalabad, House of Ittehad can be found in Koh-e-Noor 1, Karachi; Al-Karim Fair Price Shop DHA, Lahore; Raja Sahib Liberty. House of Ittehad is available internationally, folks living in UAE, USA or UK should check out this link for availability details. For further details or their E-Catalogue you can visit their website here.
This is it guys! I hope all your queries regarding price and stuff are answered. Let me know if you guys find these type of posts fun.

Much Love,
Zubia Rizvi


  1. I love their clothes. They are not crazily priced

  2. i have now completely switched to buying the RTW stuff because going to the tailor and buying matching embellishments (if needed) seems such a hassle now! :D but these prints are pretty reasonable for the price so i might visit ittehad outlet some time soon. ;) thanks for sharing with us :)xx

    1. I totally hear you Sadia, I also prefer ready to wear stuff but sometimes prints & patterns are just too hard to resist. :)

  3. Thanks for sharing, lovely picks n may they get stitched soon n u wear with happiness n joy n smile <3

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