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Luscious Cosmetics Curl Addict Mascara - Review

Luscious Curl Addict Mascara promises length, volume and a sexy curling effect. The packaging of the product is undisputedly the best of what Luscious Cosmetics have launched so far. The mascara comes with an unconventional bobbly wand, let's find out how the real product actually performs in detail.

Luscious Cosmetics Curl Addict Mascara

Designed to dramatically curl and define eyelashes with a quick-drying waterproof formula, keep them supple with conditioning ingredients and strong with Keratin. The curling brush features luscious curves to wrap around each lash (including lower lashes!) for the ultimate VIP treatment.
  • Waterproof
  • Smudge-proof
  • Ophthalmologist tested 


Luscious Cosmetics Curl Addict Mascara is the new entrant in the Luscious family, and my first reaction after seeing its pictures online was, "God! This is cute". The sleek mascara tube has the prettiest ever illustrations over it, talk about that pink bow for instance. The packaging gives this mascara a very high-end feel already for a home-brand, which I absolutely adore.

The whole concept and idea behind introducing this Curl Addict Mascara was to bring in something for you that can define your lashes by giving it a curled effect, which, in my case, the mascara successfully does. I used to have naturally curled and luscious lashes once but I've really gone through this traumatic phase of eyelashes-shedding and now I rely on mascaras big time to fake that lusciousness, thickness and fullness for events and gatherings. With Luscious Cosmetics Curl Addict Mascara, I really don't curl my lashes with an eyelash curler prior to application, I just apply two coats from the roots to the tips and it gives my lashes an instant and noticeable definition. I love the way how this mascara elongates my lashes effortlessly. 

Luscious Curl Addict Mascara claims to be water and smudge proof. The longest I wore this mascara was 6 hours and it didn't smudge even a little during the time. However it wears off easily if you wash your face or take a shower unlike the stubborn Color Studio Waterproof mascara I used, which I consider a plus point since I really am not fond of spending hours and hours in removing the traces of mascara from my lashes.

Talking about the mascara wand, I wasn't sure if I'd be comfortable using this bobbly double helix mascara wand but after using it, I totally love it. This is the best kind of a mascara wand to load your lashes with mascara for a sexy volume and killer curls. As I read somewhere online, just curve your wand IN to maximize lash loading, curve OUT to curl and de-clump. I never leave my lower lashes alone while applying mascara, and this kind of wand definitely helps me in coating all of them well.

The formula of the Luscious Curl Addict Mascara is a bit watery hence clumps easily so make sure to apply your next coat once your first coat is completely dried. And it does dry really quickly so it will not be a problem at all.

Amazing Points

  • Cute chic packaging.
  • Reasonably priced for the performance.
  • Available fairly easily in Pakistan
  • Elongates your lashes beautifully with a decent volume and curled effect.
  • The double helix wand makes it easier to coat lower lashes with mascara easily.
  • Totally smudge-proof
  • Can be removed easily with a moist wipe or water.

Not So Amazing Points

  • Tends to get clumpy.
  • Your prefer simple mascara wands and find this particular one difficult to use

Overall Rating: 4/5

Luscious Cosmetics Curl Addict Mascara is available in all cosmetics store nationwide for 950 rupees. If you prefer shopping online, you can order it from the official website. Don't forget to join Luscious Cosmetics on Facebook to stay updates with the new product launches, makeup looks and contests. 

Have you tried this Curl Addict Mascara  from Luscious Cosmetics? What do you think of it? Worth a try, right?

Much Love,
Zubia Rizvi

Disclaimer: The mentioned product(s) was sent by the company for consideration. I'm not paid to write this review. The views presented are based on my personal experiences, my loyalty is with my readers. 


  1. just love the results dear .. m def gonna give it a try :) xoxo

  2. Nice review, I like the background you are using for ur pictures :) is that a jigsaw puzzle ??? *just a guess*

  3. First thing first i love the name of your blog, whenever i saw a notification in my bloglovin of yr post it is the first pne to click. Nice review, but i want a comperative review of this n essence curl mascara. In yr last review i want something to listen abt MUA chubby sticks, so it wud easy to decide which one to invest. Hope u dnt mind

    1. Hey Sadaf, thanks a lot for the appreciation and love. It is the comments like these that keep me devoted to this whole blogging thing, please keep reading.

      Coming to the product comparison, I haven't tried Essence curl mascara, if I ever did, I'll definitely share my thoughts about it. Same is with the MUA chubby sticks, so many online reviews say that they melt in the scorching summer of our region so I decided not to get them.

    2. Thankx for reverting back ... I am using the essence curl mascra costs me around 499 Rs. and i personally thing it is a good go to mascra as well if u get the chance try it . I think might be a little difference in performance but quite a huge difference in amount.

    3. Aw you are welcome Sadaf! Essence has some wonderful budget-friendly products in their range. My sister bought me this multi action mascara that performs beautifully and costs something under 500. I'll try getting curl one next once I finish my current ones.

  4. The result is amazing but I always prefer simple wands.......nice review dear.....xoxoxo....^_^

    1. Hey Maria, once you get used to of it, all it takes is only a few seconds to coat your upper and lower lashes with this wand. Thanks for appreciating! :)

  5. I've been eyeing this for a while now! I always thought 'what an interesting looking brush' but now I feel skeptical! :/ Anyways, nice review! :) xx

    Jasmine Catches Butterflies ʚϊɞ

  6. Wow, you can really see the difference! A very interesting wand too. Great review :)

    Frankie x

    Curiouser and Curiouser

  7. I will try this one soon.Great review and the mascara does a nice job on you.xoxox

  8. nice mascara but too pricey considering that its a local brand! x

  9. i love this! your review basically sums up my thoughts about it :)

  10. I like how it looks applied on but I'm a little confused. How is it waterproof if it easily wipes off with water? >.<

    1. It doesnt actually. Last night I washed my Face and it didnt come off till I removed it properly with Makeup remover

    2. Hey JayBee, in my case, it doesn't appear to be stubbornly waterproof, it sure is smudge proof and stays put till I make conscious efforts to get rid of but when in contact with water (not a few tears or something but under running shower as I mentioned in my review) it comes off comparatively easily than my other waterproof mascaras. Hope this clears your confusion. x

  11. One of my Favorites these days :)

    1. Mine too Maliha! I reach out for this more than any other mascara these days! :D

  12. luscious mascara is one of my favt. and i love this mascara nowadays.


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