Saturday, 5 April 2014

My Beauty Wishlist - 2014!

 All I needed after my last big birthday haul was a new wishlist haha. I love making wishlists, they kind of help me in keeping a check on what I spend and where I spend, once I have my wishlist compiled, I really stick to it, and try avoiding random impulsive buys.

Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette: I wasn't never really thrilled by all this Naked hype until Urban Decay came up with this this Naked 3 sometime back. Pink and rose gold being the theme of this palette and my ultimate favourite convinced me to get this, this was the first thing I added to my wishlist this year.

Coastal Scents Flat Top Buffer: I'm really not over my last year's obsession; that is makeup brushes. Although I have managed to get some great foundation brushes lately, I really wanted to try this one from Coastal Scents - hence you see it here in my list.

MAC Studio Fix: Having heard tons of amazing reviews of this powder plus foundation, I just had to add it to my list, placed an order already, can't wait to receive it.

The Body Shop Green Tea Facial Wash: Again, good reviews convinced me I need this, let's see when I manage to get it.

Illamasqua Blush: New year, new obsession - hello blushing cheeks! I'm officially obsessed with blushes this year, and Illamasqua being a king of blushes, had to be on my list.

Benefit's High Beam: Blushing cheeks doesn't really go without a glowing skin hence this beauty by Benefit is here. Let's see when I manage to get it.

MAC's Frankly Scarlet: This red shade by MAC is as beautiful as its name - Frankly Scarlet. Pity that up till now I have watched and admired this beauty in the pictures alone, need this in my life for real asap!

Smashbox Photofinish Primer: Oilies all around the world swear by this primer and I just have to try it myself to testify the claims! ;)

Ben Nye Powders: Ben Nye Powders are all the rage these days, looking forward to try these this year.

Lorac Pro Palette/ theBalem Nude Tude Palette: Not that I really need any more eyeshadows in my life but I really won't mind adding either of these beauties in my vanity.

L'oreal Elnett Spray: A cult favourite of professionals for pro hair styling, this spray is on my wishlist for so long, hoping to finally get it this year.

theBalm's Frat Boy: From the name, to the packaging, to the shade, everything of this blush is just beyond ah-mazing! Cannot wait for theBalm's next sale! ;)

Real Techniques Brushes: I love each single brush I own by RT, thinking of gradually expanding my collection and get every single one of 'em! No I'm not a hoarder! ;)

Artdeco/Catrice Camouflage Cream: Having read so many rave reviews about these two products, I decided to pick them up both for some heavy duty concealing for the days I want to look absolutely flawless.

Luscious Lip Couture: Liquid lipsticks are my favourite thing to apply on lips, and Luscious does them best in our local market, can't wait to grab few shades from the range.

NARS Blush: As declared earlier, 2014 is the year of blushes for me, I really want to try one of the much raved NARS blushes this season.

Meet Matt(e) Nude by theBalm: The moment my eyes met this super gorge palette of all mate shades, I knew I have to have it, someday one day. I mean a palette dedicated to all matte neutrals, what more can you ask for?

Olay Pro-X Cleansing System: I'm trying to be more careful about my skin this year, cleansing regularly and all that stuff and want to shift gradually from Olay Pro-X cleansing system to Clairasonic, baby steps, you know.

Curling Wand: Last year, Babyliss hot ceramic rollers were in my wishlist, which I luckily got and love, this year, I want to get one cute curling wand.

theBalm Instain Blush: Since theBalm is famous for spoiling us with its mouthwatering sales, getting one of its instain blush during any of such sale wouldn't really hurt my wallet. ;)

The Perfect Foundation: Last but not the least, like all of you girls out there, my search for a perfect foundation is never ending. No matter how much I love my current one, I'll always keep purchasing and trying new ones.

In addition to these, I'm really looking forward to get my hands on some gorgeous Forever21 bags and maybe one or two watches. They always have some nice accessories to offer.

What items do you have on your wishlists this season? Let's share our makeup cravings! Oh and since I'm late in posting this wishlist here on blog, some of the items have already reached my place, keep your eyes peeled for a haul post.

Much Love,
Zubia Rizvi


  1. naked 3 palette is ultimate luvvv

  2. Omg......This is my wishlist too......I have already ordered RT brushes and I will do the same as you are planning...I will get all the brushes slowly....:P.....well smashbox was on my wishlist too but my friends have used it and they told me to go for diana of london one....Olay Pro X is on the top of my list....I so badly want it but always get confused as I have very very sensitive skin skin and plus point is, it's acne prone too..huh..:/ As far as Naked palettes are concerned I am still confused....sometimes I say I will go for Naked1, sometimes 2 and sometimes 3....I really hate it when I get confused.....:/.....I really enjoyed reading this post.....xoxoxo....:D

  3. Real techniques brushes are in my wishlist too.

  4. whattay list! I am getting 2 more NARS Blushers tomm!

  5. That's some mouthwatering wishlist you have going on.
    However just a word of itsy bitsy warning.
    The Body Shop Tea Tree facial wash smells HORRID. Like seriously bad and the smell is not even subtle. It is very much overpowering. Do give it a sniff before making the purchase! Cause mine is just collecting dust on the shelves as the smell is too strong for me to handle.
    And goodluck in collecting all the yummy stuff!

    1. Aw thank you so much for the warning, I really like my face wash to smell nice and sweet, cannot stand any strong or unpleasant smell at all. x

  6. what a co-incidence we have same wishlist, almost esp the "perfect foundation" hope we find it soon :) <3

  7. Wow! Loving your wishlist :) I'm making one too at the moment. And a Nars Blush is on the top <3


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