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RSL Acne Be Gone Treatment Duo - Review and Swatches

When I first got RSL Acne Be Gone Skin Care Treatment Duo, I wasn't expecting much from it, but with the first few uses, I had to change my opinion. If you struggle with acne or constant breakouts, trust me you have to have these two products with you!

RSL Acne Be Gone Skin Treatment

Enlarged pores, oily t-zone, blackheads and acne breakouts are all causes of excess sebum. RSL skincare uses carefully selected nourishing ingredients to rebalance the skin and reduce the appearance of enlarged pores. 

RSL Acne Be Gone Acne Face Wash: Infused with a blend of Allanation and Salicylic acid to effectively control outbreaks. Rejuvenate the skin with Alpha Hydroxy Acid to remove pollutants and unclog pores. Beta Hydroxy Acid penetrates deep into pores, removing dead skin cells and acne scars. Hels treat emerging acne and prevents blackheads. SLS and fragrance free.

RSL Acne Be Gone Treatment Cream: Acne Be Gone Night Cream treats emerging acne and prevents blackheads. Infused with Alpha Hydroxy Acid and Beya Hydroxy Acid to hydrate, penetrate and repair the skin from acne. For best results use twice daily after Acne Be Gone Face Wash.


I, myself, have an oily skin hence always in search of products that promise to be a friend of oilies. I don't have any active acne on the face (thank God, I got it medically treated in my late teens) but I still struggle with occasional breakouts. My expectations from the products was to control the excess sebum and help me getting rid of those nasty zits/breakouts.

RSL Acne Be Gone Acne Face Wash is clear and has gel like consistency. The first thing you notice is the medicinal smell, it really bothered me in first few uses but eventually I got habitual of it. The face wash doesn't lather at all, which I really am not a fan of and end up using a little more than usual product to make sure that all dirt and impurities are layering off my face - just for mental satisfaction you know. Even if it doesn't lather up, it really really cleanse my face and pores, I can totally notice it.

Salicylic acid - one of the ingredients of RSL Acne Be Gone face wash is known for its oily skin treating properties, it penetrates deep down the pores of the skin to neutralize bacteria, however, salicylic acid takes a little time to work and maybe that's the reason that you are instructed to leave face wash on your skin for three minutes instead of instant rinsing.

Tea Tree Oil is another ingredient of this very face wash, that is a natural antiseptic, particularly beneficial for oily skin because it dissolves skin oils and kill acne causing bacteria. The third ingredient that caught my attention was glycolic acid, it is known for improving the over all texture and appearance of skin. With all these ingredients added in the Acne Be Gone face wash, after using it for a month now, I can really see a difference in my skin; my skin feels clear, no redness, no blackheads and touch wood , absolutely no break outs. Sometimes the face wash dries my skin but nothing excessively irritating or nothing that a tiny amount of moisturizer can't help.

(L-R) RSL Acne Be Gone Face Wash, RSL Acne Be Gone Treatment Cream

The RSL Acne Be Gone Treatment Cream is a good product, I don't really use it regularly because I'm too fond of my own usual night time moisturizer but I used it twice or thrice a week and it definitely helps in maintaining the over all good health of the skin when used in combination with the Acne Be Gone Face Wash.

It is actually the face wash that won my heart, although it dries my skin a little sometimes, doesn't lather up as well as the other face washes I used, but I can totally see my pores squeaky clean and my breakouts under control, what more can I ask for!

Amazing Points

  • Helps those struggling with the occasional breakouts.
  • Constant use makes sure you don't suffer from blackheads.
  • Easy on pocket.
  • Easy availability in Pakistan.
  • The tube is travel friendly, just throw in your bag and you're good to go.

Not So Amazing Points

  • May cause skin dryness for some.
  • The medicinal smell bothers you.
  • Doesn't lather up quite well.

Ratings: 4/5

The RSL Acne Be Gone Treatment duo is available online at and Beauty Arena. The Face wash is priced at 95 PKR and the cream is for 150 PKR. It's available in all stores nationwide, I believe. For further details, visit their website or join their Facebook fan page.

Have you tried anything from the RSL skin care range yet? How was your experience with it? I find their products very reasonably priced and effective, what do you think?

Much Love,
Zubia Rizvi

Disclaimer: The mentioned product(s) was sent by the company for consideration. I'm not paid to write this review. The views presented are based on my personal experiences, my loyalty is with my readers. 


  1. I tried Hydra fresh,it made my skin dry...cream was better than the facewash.

  2. i think i try this as my skin need oil control sort of thing :)

  3. i am hearing really good reviews about this product :)

  4. Nice review and I will give it a try....xoxoxo....^_^

  5. great review dear love the details ... also pls do share ur current fav moisturizer for oily skin as u mentioned above u r using one right now <3


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