Saturday, 5 September 2015

Just & Must Ladies Salon -- Personal Experience and Review!

Hello darlings,

I expect you beauties have been well. The reason, I forced my lazy self to sit and blog today is my out of the world salon experience today. Usually, I couldn’t care less about taking regular facials and massages. For me, my daily cleansing routine is enough. However, these summers have been crazy – in an awesome way. I had been exploring all Pakistan from Karachi to Lahore to Naraan to Sari Paya. In an ideal world, my skin should be glowing with the inner peace and happiness I had been experiencing but the prolong exposure to sun, change in climate, lack of sleep and proper skin care took its toll and after a month of adventuring here and there, I got back home tanned and with horrible skin. All I needed was a great deep cleansing/facial to look back my normal self, if not better. Entered my search for a good ladies salon in Faisalabad. Believe you me, finding information for a good salon and spa in Faisalabad online is parallel to finding the secret formula to make atomic bombs at home from scratch!

To cut it short, a very good friend of mine recommended, I go and try this comparatively newly opened ladies salon in Faisalabad name “Just & Must Ladies Salon”. She spoke so highly of them that I had no other way but to try them.

I visited the salon today at 11:30 AM. Before my visit, I took an appointment on phone. I was greeted warmly at reception. The lady named “Azee” talked about my skin concerns and suggested I try one of their ongoing deals. The deal was of PKR 3,000 and included Janssen whitening facial, neck and shoulder massage, head massage, manicure, pedicure, eyebrows and upper lips. I was very kindly offered tea before I was taken to the facial and massage room. My facial and massage lasted for a good 1 hour in an extremely relaxing ambiance. The girl “Tehmina” who was doing my facial and massage kept asking if I was feeling alright, if the pressure was alright and if any of the creams caused any kind of itching to my skin. I was seriously in heaven. I was more than satisfied. My skin look radiant and clean. My nerves calm and relaxed. It was seriously worth all the praise.

After that I was taken to the manicure and pedicure room. My mani and pedi lasted for 30 minutes. It included a relaxing massage too. I could really sleep there and then. After the mani and pedi, I got my eyebrows done and rushed back to home. Before leaving, I was offered cold drink again. The main reason any of us wants to visit a salon is to feel pampered and relaxed, and I surely got that treatment.
I had an amazing time at the salon and would definitely visit again. The reason I’m writing this post is that, if there are other girls out there who are finding it difficult to find a good salon in Faisalabad, might benefit from this post. Let me know if it was of any help for you guys!

Much Love,
Zubia Rizvi

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  1. finally a blogger from Faisalabad. really nice review. but at the same place there used to be allenora is it so?
    i would love if show some love for my blog too
    would love to have a follow back :)


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