Sunday, 25 October 2015

Guide to Buying Women’s Handbags

For me handbags were invented the day I saw my mom carrying one. I remember how I used to admire a decent looking, brown leather Flapbag she used to carry around wherever she went. However, they were originally invented by Europeans to carry coins and were worn by men and women alike. The first handbags were made of leather or some sort of soft fabric and were rather smallish in size. Now, handbags are available for various purposes and in diverse range of styles.
While it’s fairly simple to buy lots of handbags, it’s not so easy picking the one you will want to use often. Wearing a less-than-perfect dress? Well, all you need is the right handbag to go with it to complete your look and make you stand out. So yes, you do need some guidance to pick the perfect handbag for yourself.

First thing to consider when choosing a handbag is ‘body type’. The opposite-shaped handbag to a particular body type is always the best option. It really works wonders to enhance your body’s shape and structure. For example, a petite person should avoid over-sized, bulky bags as they make the body’s small frame more prominent. Whereas, tall and thin people should go for short, slouchy shaped handbags and avoid short strapped shoulder bags.

When you’re done judging the type of bag which suits your body type, decide what kind of handbag you need. There are various types of Ladies Handbags in Pakistan are available which are especially designed to meet your requirements. If you need to buy a bag for your gym clothes or your books then you should go for functional handbags like Tote bags or Backpacks instead of buying clutches (yes, I’ve seen women in gym holding clutches in their sweaty little hands. Not a good sight to see!). Then there are everyday bags like Flapbags, Shoulder bags, Hobo bags and satchels etc. which carry your cell phone, make up and anything else you need when you’re leaving the house. They are available in vibrant colours and look quite trendy.
Heading to an evening party or a dinner? Why not take your clutch along to give you that ultra sophisticated look. Baguettes and evening bags made of velvet or silk look equally formal and decent.
Perhaps the most difficult type of handbag to purchase is a designer bag, mostly because you are not sure if it is original or a replica. However, it’s not entirely impossible to judge that. There are certain features one should be careful about when buying a designer handbags. They include the logo placement, zipper styles, fabrics, stitching and their packing. If you are shopping online and the price for a certain designer handbag seems too good to be true, it’s probably a replica. So it’s best to purchase it through a trusted website such as that provides best experience of Online Shopping in Pakistan.

In my opinion, designer bags are the best option when it comes to quality and design. They are a bit expensive but are more long lasting, and are usually accompanied by special care cards that tell you how to keep them new for a long, long time. They are a kind of “unregrettable investment” actually.
And yes, do not forget to check the most important feature in your handbag – the secure pockets inside and out (for keeping money and other important stuff). I sincerely hope that this guide will be quite helpful to you. So yeah, now get out there and start shopping!


  1. It seems a great post and the MK Hobo Bags looks so chic. Thanks for sharing such a nice post!

  2. Interesting post. Its always difficult to choose a right bag :-)


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