Monday, 2 November 2015

What to look for when buying Bed Sheets?

After bajjo disowned and left me room-less for months, I realized the importance and joy of having a nice, soft bed sheet that let my body breathe while I slept. Unfortunately, the harsh surface of our couch failed to provide me that comfort and was definitely not pretty to look at either. Since you spend at least 5 – 8 hours with your bed, you should be considerate enough to select a bed sheet that feels comfortable and seems pleasing to the eye as well.
Bed Sheets online shopping in Pakistan is getting popular day-by-day as it allows shoppers to get trendy Bed Sheets at their doorstep without wasting their precious time in local malls and markets.  When buying a bed sheets, always keep a few things in mind like your mattress size, its depth, and the type of fabric, weave and dyes used in their manufacturing.

Mattress Size:

Your bed sheet is supposed to fit on your bed decently without having you to pull at its edges or tucking most of it under your mattress. Doing so can either cause your bed sheet to wear out soon (cause of excessive pulling of fibers) or tear when a heavy cat or kid hops onto your bed! To avoid that, the bed sheets are sold on the basis of your mattress size. In Pakistan, like in most other countries, Twin Size – 39 inches wide by 76 inches long mattress is the most common type of mattress size found in our homes. Other sizes include, Twin XL, Queen, King, Double, etc.

Mattress Depth:

The mattress depth is actually the height of your mattress. It can be Standard (7 – 12 inches), Deep (13 – 17 inches) or Extra Deep (18 – 25 inches). Buy sheets that are an inch or two deeper to give allowance for usual shrinkage.


Select which kind of material you need. Cotton alone has 3 sub-types; namely Egyptian cotton, Pima cotton and a Mix (cotton/polyester mix). Egyptian and Pima cotton have high-class long fibers which are more durable.
The higher thread count promises a much longer durability of the sheet and has not much to do with the sheet’s softness.


Normally, the pattern and designs are made on your bed sheet after its woven. This sometimes leaves the sheet feeling stiff until it’s washed a couple of times. In Pakistan, the softest bed sheets are woven with coloured yarns – and so they are a bit more expensive than your regular dyed pattern sheets.


In the end, it all comes down to the weave as it influences the way your sheet feels, looks and also its durability. It affects the sheet’s price too. Percale weave is lightweight and feels crisp while sateen weave feels silky and luxurious. Cottons are soft and feel very cool whereas cotton/polyester blend feels quite crisp hence it’s very cheap.
Remember, a higher thread count sheet or an expensive sheet doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s going to be soft as well. So don’t bother about the thread count or price, just focus on the quality of the sheet. Having a good bed sheet not only makes your place of rest and retreat look more appealing but it also allows your body to relax and to sleep well.

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