Saturday, 26 December 2015

Ladies Shrugs Buying Guide!

After jeans, a shrug has recently become the dearest staple in every woman’s wardrobe! It’s easy to carry and adds a chic feel to one’s outfit. Probably the most sensational ladies fashion garment these days, it’s hard to believe that someone wouldn’t know about shrugs. But still, for those who don’t know what a shrug is, it’s a cropped cardigan-like garment with an open front which usually ends just below the breastbone on a woman.

Types of Shrugs

Like most things in life, shrugs come in all shapes and sizes (and materials).  You can find shrugs made of cotton or acrylic blends, lycra and cashmere. They’re light-weighted and comfortable to wear and pair with your jeans and top. Best thing about shrugs is that they’re available in a variety of colours and patterns which give women a very chic vibrant look.
The most common form of shrug is probably the tie-off shrug. Tie –off shrug has longish strips of material hanging on its front. They can be tied to form a knot or a cute bow, or can even be wrapped around one’s torso. A shawl shrug has a wide wrap frame and hence can be thrown over the shoulder like a shawl. A drape shrug is a bit longer in length than an average shrug while a cropped shrug ends just under the armpit or an inch below it. Typically, women have an option to select shrugs that come with full-length, three-quarter or half sleeves.

Tips to Pull off the Look

·        Play with varying lengths and sizes. Don’t just stick to a single type of shrug; it’ll give you a boring and outdated feel.
·        Embed it in your casual look.
·        Contrast materials when wearing a shrug. Pair a crochet shrug with tank top and a chiffon or net shrug with a satin dress and voila! You have a gorgeous outfit!
·        Don’t match everything up! Wearing a cotton shrug over a cotton shirt can make you look monotonous and quite bizarre. Try to contrast materials as well as colours to create a more dynamic look.
·        Create unique looks with the tie-off shrug. You can experiment with different knots and bows to enhance your look.

Where to Buy?

Shrugs can easily be bought from the local shops or clothing stores. They stock a range of shrugs, though the inventory is often governed by latest trends or season. Another option is to purchase them online where one can find a much wider range at reasonable prices. It is matter of fact that shrugs online shopping in Pakistan is getting popular day-by-day as it allow you to get your desired products at reasonable prices without visiting local markets.

A shrug not only adds vibrant contrasting elements to women’s outfit, but also keeps them warm. It is the perfect garment that adds form and function to an outfit.

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