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Luscious Cosmetics 7 Pc Essential Brush Set | Review

Makeup Brushes were my ultimate obsession when I first started makeup. Till date, I believe spending on makeup tools is a wise investment, your brushes will last you ages if you take proper care of them. This Luscious 7 Pc Essential Brush Set being locally available and affordable was the first ever brush set I own, now that I have dozens of them, I still use few brushes from the set regularly, let's know about each included brush in depth.

Luscious Cosmetics 7 Pc Essential Brush Set

Luscious Cosmetics presents the ultimate beauty tool: a set of luxury brushes perfect for all your makeup application needs. These brushes come with a stylish and convenient Luscious signature carrying case. The brush set have been updated with a retractable pink lip brush a new case design! Luscious makeup brushes are 100% cruelty free.

Includes: Eyeliner Brush, Blush Brush, Small Rounded Eyeshadow Brush, Eyeshadow Shader Brush, Eyeshadow Blender Brush, Lip Brush and Eyebrow Eyelash Brush.

Luscious Cosmetics actually have a 12 pc Diva Brush Set in their range that almost includes every single brush that a makeup junkie would need, this 7 pc Essential Brush Set is something better suited to individuals who travel a lot, just started with makeup or aren't a makeup hoarder. The brushes look classic; matte black handles with silver ferrules, well built; with regular careful washing and cleaning the ferrules haven't been loosen unlike few other sets I have and maintained their shape and appearance well. The handles are not as short as those Ecotools Eye Brushes neither as long as the regular Luscious Cosmetics Brushes but the perfect size to throw in your travel makeup bag and work with conveniently. 

Eyeliner Brush: Truth being told, I haven't used this brush much, I usually apply my liner with an angled brush. I tried it twice or thrice and it surely is a good tool for very precise liner application.

Blush Brush: I'm not really fond of this brush. It served the job back in days when I had no better option but it kinds of feel scratch against skin. I much prefer an angled soft blush brush over this one. Prolly my least favourite brush in the set.

Small Rounded Eyeshadow Brush: I love how this brush is very slightly doomed, tiny and dense - all these qualities make it perfect to pack colour on the outer side of your eye lid. I reach for this brush very often. You can totally smudge your pencil liner with it as well.

Eyeshadow Shader Brush: I strongly feel an eyeshadow shading brush should be a bit dense to pack colour on to lids perfectly, not so fond of this brush when it comes to pressed eyeshadows but its flatness comes handy when you want to apply loose pigments on your eyes. Just damp the brush a bit and pack colour on your eyes.

Eyeshadow Blender Brush: I LOVE this brush. I have two of these and use them everytime I do eye makeup. This does feel slightly scratchy sometimes prolly because of the natural bristles but blends colours together beautifully. I feel that the bristles of this particular brush gets stained and are hard to clean as compared to others but that's not a major issue, I still love using it.

Lip Brush: I love the fact that it is pink and retractable hah! Perfect to toss into your bag without any fear.

Eyesbrow Eyelash Brush: I'm that girl who feels that combing your lashes after applying a clumpy mascara can make things better a bit. I like the comb part for this purpose but the other side just stays there for me without any use.

The brushes are housed in this cute little updated pouch which I quite like. The brushes stay quite safe there, the pouch is easy to clean and carry with you anywhere. Talking about the shedding, I actually observed no visible shedding except the blush brush and the blending brush. My blending brush only sheds while cleaning it, but I think this is the case with all brushes that are made up of natural bristles.

Amazing Factors
  • Easy availability, you can just go to any cosmetics store in Pakistan and pick this up.
  • Affordability - if you divide the total cost to individual brushes, each brush will cost approximately 143 PKR, which is a decent price for the quality you are getting.
  • I like the fact that the handles are not as short as other available travel brushes.
  • Overall, a perfect set for travelling.
  • Includes all essential brushes for beginners.
Not So Amazing Factors
  • The Blush Brush could have been better.
  • The Eyeshadow shader brush could have been a bit dense.

Ratings: 4/5

I got Luscious 7 Pc Essential Brush Set for 850 PKR from the official website. Now it is available for Rs. 1150 on all leading stores of Pakistan. Online you can order this from the official website. Luscious Cosmetics delivers internationally I believe.

Have you tried any brush by Luscious Cosmetics? How was your experience with it, worth the money or you think there are better options available for the price?

Much Love,
Zubia Rizvi
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  1. I have Luscious's flat foundation brush, and I must say I quite like it! Overall, all the brushes in your 7 Piece set look great! :) x

    Jasmine Catches Butterflies ʚϊɞ

  2. These look great! And for the price they really are a total steal but I might ditch then for the ELF brushes haha!

  3. this is the first good review of the brushes.I think this will be a good addition to my stash since i do need three to four shaders :) great review

  4. I have the older version of this kit and love those brushes... but this one is even better... Nice review :)

  5. Nice review.....It's perfect for beginners.....xoxoxo....:)

  6. Lovely review. I really like ther shader brush . I would love to try this kit.

  7. good review. i have been using them for like last two years...and i must say they are good for beginners :)

  8. nice review dear x

  9. looks great :)

  10. Seems like a good pick for beginners. Thanks for sharing your word on it :) x


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